Chick waitress loving her white and gold

*Purchased By Me

Hey everyone! It is Sunday here so I have some time to relax before lessons tomorrow.  Hope your day has been great so far! 🙂 I decided I wanted to do a continuation of some cute & girly manis as I have been more interested in them lately so today will be part 2: Chick waitress loving her white and gold! (there it is, down below!)

red1         red2

I guess this doesn’t have as much of a ‘cute’ feel as Time to meet the girlfriends but I still do think it belongs under the same category. Maybe this one is more of a evening look? The reason I chose to use red was becaue I realized that I had not done a whole look with me little red polishes 😛

Now getting into the details, my thumbs have two coats of OPI I’m not really a waitress. This is a metallic red that has some shimmer in it too. I feel its perfect for anyone who loves their reds in a darker tone with some underlying shine to it! As for all my other fingers, they have two coats of OPI Chick Flick Cherry on. I personally believe this is a go-to red that will look good on any nail. It may not be the classic cherry red but its a good runner-up! 🙂 As for all the pretty gold and white designs, they were from a nail sticker purchased at Daiso! (Can’t believe I only paid $2 for these!) 

Red is so feminine and together with the beautiful gold and white swirls, it would make a nice Valentine’s Day/ Date/ Dinner Date with girlfriends look. I know its not that ‘girly’ as there are no pinks & cute polka dots & hearts but I think its more of a classy look with a twist!

red3        red4

Well that is the whole look so comment down below if you would like to see more of these looks!

Till next time, Bethanie

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