OMD Challenge- Day 3: Purple

*Purchased By Me

It’s the third day of the OMD Challenge! If you haven’t joined in yet, go go go! ^^ It’s a really fun way to challenge yourself and come up with manicure ideas, as well as view what manis other lovely bloggers have come up with for the various days. (: For more information, click the sidelink at our blog’s sidebar to view the details. ♥

So for today’s theme, Purple, I decided to go with a lovely jelly sandwich. There’s something about glitter captured in jelly sammies which gets to my heart. ♥

IMG_4741 sans top coat.


I first layered Orly Ridiculously Regal over H&M Peppermint Fusion. This also reminds me that I haven’t shown plain ol’ swatches of Peppermint Fusion! I am a bad blogger heh. ^^ That swatch post will most likely make its appearance in August…

I could have left it there, but I was really interested to see how Ridiculously Regal would look in a sammie and here it is!



I applied one layer of O.P.I Don’t Touch My Tutu! over everything. The end result dulled the shine of Ridiculously Regal, but I do think that this look is still rather cool.



It also looks like cookie dough to me…cookie dough with some fantastic purple food colouring, that is! 😀



I would also like to mention that I used the dabbing method in order to apply Ridiculously Regal. I purposely left some blank areas on the nail for this manicure though, as I did not want an overcrowding of glitters! There’s also no taco glitter here! That funny piece seen on my ring finger in the first photo is just two hex glitters chilling out whilst stuck together. (:

Also, fun fact: these are actually my first proper purple polishes! :O


♥, xinyu


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