OMD Challenge- Day 5: Skittles

*Purchased By Me

Hey guys! (: Today’s OMD Challenge theme is Skittles. Nope, not the brand of those delicious candies(oh my gosh haven’t had some of those in ages D:) but a skittle manicure, which is made of at least two nail polishes which are also applied on the full nail. The colors don’t have to be in the same color family. Basically like the candy Skittles which this nail look is named after.*

*source here

By the way:


Moving on…I decided to do a saran wrap manicure for today’s theme. I finally learnt how to create a decent one after watching/reading loads of tutorials online!


I started with a base of The Face Shop GR504, The Face Shop BL602, butter LONDON Trout Pout and The Face Shop GR501 respectively from left to right. (:


After that had dried, I applied a coat of O.P.I My Vampire Is Buff and went over with a saran wrap! I purposely alternated with the amount I had picked off the nail in order to have a varied look for the mani. (:


I really loved the end result! ^^ Shall definitely try this technique again (:


♥, xinyu


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