OMD Challenge- Day 7: Holo

*Purchased By Me…(in a way! (: )

Hey guys! Whew it’s been a really busy weekend for me…more so today, so another scheduled post! Fun fact: can you believe that I’ve never owned any holo polishes?! :O Yes! I’m not kidding…:/ So when I saw this theme I went, “oh dear, how can I recreate something for this theme?” My other options were to use China Glaze Fairy Dust or some other holographic glitter…but then this package from Born Pretty Store arrived, and inside it was a bottle of their holographic nail polish! I think I was one of those lucky 200 readers who won a free bottle…though they didn’t drop me a mail to let me know I won so this nail mail was a huge surprise!

First up, here’s the Born Pretty Holo Polish in #8. 

IMG_5035 One coat.

You can see that it is really sheer!


I think I gave up after 3-4 coats to cover the VNL and went “screw this, let me just take the photos.” ╮(╯▽╰)╭

IMG_5043 flash

I’m sorry I didn’t do any nail art for today’s theme, but I could not think of anything, and just look at that beautiful blue holo! It would be a shame to cover it all up. (; I’m eyeing other holographics now hehe~

And for some shameless self promotion of my (under construction) storenvy site, Little Rain Designs, where I’ll be selling nail polish jewellery..


I actually made this polish into the ring before even swatching it! ^^

♥, xinyu

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