OMD Challenge- Day 8: Matte

*Purchased By Me

Hey everyone! Week one of the OMD Challenge is over! ): Time really flies…

Today’s theme is Matte and I have some glitter drips for today. (: I previously did the age old matte + shiny manicure but wasn’t satisfied, so I redid them for July.


I used Revlon Black Lingerie and (FINALLY) used butter LONDON The Black Knight for this look. The base colour was matte-d with my Etude House Help My Finger Matte Top Coat. (:


Fun fact: I think my water bottle has a hidden shimmer which is identical to The Black Knight! It’s only visible under really strong light, and was one of the reasons why I purchased it…^^


The Black Knight has varying shades of glitter ranging from blue, red to gold, in a almost black jelly base. You could wear this on its own, but it takes up to 3-4 coats(depending on thickness). I’d rather apply it over a black polish. (:

IMG_4827 Trying to capture the shimmer

There are definitely dupes of this polish, such as Pure Ice Five-some/Private Show(renamed) and you can see a comparison post here at Oh Three Oh Four. (: That said, this dupe isn’t available in Singapore so…

I purchased this from Sephora for SGD$24, and killed a lemming of mine. When I purchased this, the British pound had actually dropped so I could have requested my friend to purchase it for me in the UK, but now, prices have fluctuated again so (I can’t believe I’m saying this) Sephora prices are much cheaper!

♥, xinyu

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