OMD Challenge- Day 11: Stripes

*Purchased By Me

Hey everyone! Wow I spent the entire day settling my polish jewellery shop (i.e. take photos, edit photos…) I’ve finally found out the difference with taking photos with a camera and an iphone! So much nicer oh my gosh. I’m so dumb haha! Anyways I also finally got a free trial of photoshop CS6 on my (full of problems but still working) laptop, so next month or something there’ll be a change in watermark! ^^

Okay on to today’s theme for the OMD Challenge!


I was feeling the nude nail so I decided to go with some striped french tips. By the way, I’m not a pro at doing french tips! My nails are so curved so the previous time I tried using french tip guides I failed haha! These were drawn using a white Uniball Signo gel pen… 😛 ^^


Also, three fingers cause if I recall correctly, I did these when I had a cut on my pinky! D: Hope you’ll forgive me for the lack of a 4-finger pose..

Anyways these nails remind me of a carnival/ the striped circus tents… or perhaps a striped popcorn box? My thoughts are based on photos rather than IRL though, as I haven’t been to an actual circus!


I’ll definitely do this as a full mani someday…it was quick and easy to achieve with gel pens! There’s also something about this striped goodness which appeals to me… Hmm!



  • white uniball Signo gel pen
  • silver uniball Signo gel pen
  • gold uniball Signo gel pen
  • fuschia gel pen from FrancFranc


What do you guys think? (:

♥, xinyu


14 thoughts on “OMD Challenge- Day 11: Stripes

      • Yeah don’t worry I am a newbie as well, heard about it but never done it I send polishes to my sis in law in Atlanta that’s it. Just let me know…. I have LOTS of polishes and I mean LOTS so just let me know

      • Haha oh! I see! I’m even worse I’ve never sent anything overseas but I can always try! Well I’ll ask Bethanie if she would like to be in on the swap? Two of us will combine and send polishes to you! Are you based in the States? (:

        I’ll email you if it’s confirmed? (:

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