OMD Challenge- Day 12: Dots

*Purchased By Me

Hey everyone! It’s Day 12 of the OMD Challenge! If you haven’t joined, check it out here on how to enter (: We’ll love to see what you come up with! ♥

Today’s theme is dots and I’m still on my “show your naked nail” so… here they are!


So they are a mix of funky(?) french tips (with very visible nail line)  and random dots and hearts! I actually did use butter LONDON Nail Foundation as the base, but I guess it doesn’t really show. I don’t think I’ve got the proper hang of using nail foundation yet…


*Please forgive any hangnails! D: My cuticles were probably screaming after swatching and doing so much nail art for the past hour! :/


Aside from butter LONDON Nail Foundation, every thing used was solely gel pens(again) ^^ I was trying to achieve a sort of heart shaped french tip for both my index and pinky and I just filled in some random dots for that! The middle and ring finger is a dotted french tip line with a silver heart.



  • butter LONDON Nail Foundation
  • red uniball Signo 0.38 gel pen
  • silver uniball Signo gel pen
  • white uniball Signo gel pen
  • fuschia gel pen from Franc Franc

Hmm…looking back at this mani, I’m on the fence about this look! I’m not sure whether I really love it! I probably should have coloured in the heart shape french tips…


♥, xinyu


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