OMD Challenge- Day 15: Hearts

*Purchased By Me

Hey everyone! Hope Monday hasn’t been too much of a ” :S “<- I didn’t really know how to describe it in any other way! ^^

Today’s challenge is hearts and I can’t believe that I haven’t done any actual nail art centered around this theme! Okay, I lied, I’ve done two manis but they are in the “never to be seen again unless I feel like showing them” folder of failed nails.(シ_ _)シ

So, here’s what I came up for today’s theme instead. I’m honestly in love and I think I’ll recreate them again to wear…but as an accent nail! ^^

P.S: I also struggled to take awesome photos of this mani. I took around 20 + but ended up with 4 nice ones!


I polished my nails with Revlon Black Lingerie but I left my ring finger naked(i.e. only base coat) as I wanted to create a contrast within the mani. I also added 1-2 (I don’t recall) coats of Black Sheep Lacquer Blitz to my middle and ring fingernail for more oomph! 😀


I then manually placed heart shaped glitters on my nails. Some of these hearts are holographic so they caused my handphone to spazz haha!

I purchased the heart glitters from daiso! I think I need to go back for more…


I also dotted my nails with small silver and gold dots on the middle -> pinky as a sort of…decoration and divider between each heart. That was done using my gold and silver Uniball Signo gel pen. (:


I was quite glad that the heartshapes ended up fitting nicely onto my nail lengthwise! I really want to create my index finger as an accent nail again…(人´∀`*)

What do you guys think? (:

♥, xinyu


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