OMD Challenge- Day 17: Gradient

*Purchased By Me

Hello everyone! Hope you guys have been doing fine so far. (: Today’s OMD Challenge theme is Gradient and I immediately knew what I wanted to do!

I previously purchased Zoya Miranda through Nail Deck on facebook, it’s based in Singapore and although they don’t normally carry Zoya, you can ask whether he has particular stock! It’s very tough to get Zoya here so I was quite happy I had an outlet, although there isn’t much available! Anyways! One of the reasons I purchased Miranda was to create a textured gradient. Yay for purchasing polish solely for a specific reason! 😀


I applied 2 coats of O.P.I Jinx as the base and then added Zoya Miranda directly over that at the tips, using the brush to create a sort of gradient! I was really happy that they went well together. (:


I also recreated the look in a cabochon stone which was set in a hair pin! Although of course I did give the hair pin extra shine by adding China Glaze Fairy Dust (which by the way you can buy from my shop..officially opening in end July/August!)


I did find that Zoya Miranda took much longer to dry for some reason, and it dries with a more matte feeling. I also had some problem of the polish all being a bit goopy at the tips when I did the gradient but it turned out alright in the end! ^^I think I must have had too much polish on my brush…


Textured polishes are apparently really easy and foolproof to create lovely gradients…and especially if you don’t know how to create a successful gradient using a sponge- believe me, I know how that feels- this is a good way to have a nice gradient. I also purposely made the brush strokes more uneven so that they could even seem like a bit of drips as I previously read somewhere that nicer gradients don’t need to be so perfect/even! (I don’t really know how to describe it, my apologies!)

Anyways this is my entry for today! What do you guys think? (: Also, you can check out the other lovely manis here for today’s theme.

xoxo, xinyu.


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