OMD Challenge- Day 19: Glitter

*Purchased By Me

Hey everyone! TGIF! So to kick off the end of the week, I have some glitter nails for you, because nothing screams ‘party’ as much as glitter does! ^^ Of course for me I’m just chilling at home for the weekend…except for tomorrow where I’ll be out with the bf. (:

Anyways, it’s quite funny how yesterday was a delicate theme and today seems like the opposite! ^^


Presenting Orly Go Deeper from the Flash Glam FX Collection. I had such a difficult time photographing this gorgeous polish…It is a teal blue base with blue, green and holographic glitter mixed in. I’ve read that this is the toned down teal version of Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe, and it does look that way after googling swatches online! (: Unfortunately I don’t own any DL…so I can’t do a proper comparison for you guys.


I would also like to mention that I had a horrendous time applying this glitter. The formula was a bit goopy in some areas and I had to make sure my application was even…so to get that look up there took time! I think it’s probably the bottle I got though, as I haven’t heard of any other bloggers with the same problem! Sigh (´∩`。)


Anyways I didn’t use a peel off base coat for this mani! Obviously I had a horrendous time taking everything off…but well live and learn.


I still love the look of this polish, though it’s honestly a bit overkill on the nails for a full manicure! ^^

Check out the other glitter-fied nails here!

xinyu (:


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