OMD Challenge- Day 20: 3-D Nails

*Purchased By Me

Hey everyone, it’s the weekend! 😀

I have to admit I had some trouble thinking of what to do for today’s theme…I wanted to just go with a simple manicure with a ribbon cabochon…but I don’t have any of that! Haha! So I turned to my next available source which was rhinestones.


I first painted my nails with Revlon Black Lingerie and then drew in the silver and fuschia details with my gel pens. I also added China Glaze Fairy Dust for some extra bling. I really liked the whole mani at this point, it was like random abstract shapes on my nails! ^^

Of course this wouldn’t fit with the 3-D theme so,


I added in some green rhinestones and steel ball caviar beads(purchased from the Born Pretty Store).

3-D Nails always scream to me to ‘go overboard!’ so I guess this was one of the times.


Of course after all the photo taking I removed them immediately as this would be unpractical to do anything! Plus I did not top coat the mani..

P.S: This is the beginning stage of the mani! I really liked the look of this too, reminded me of a tuxedo in a way! ^^


Check out the other 3-D nails here! 😀

♥, xinyu

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