OMD Challenge- Day 22: Animal Themed

*Purchased By Me

Hey everyone! A quick post before I get ready for my dental appointment…just doing a regular check up of the teeth haha! The funny thing about dentists…I know that many people dislike going to the dentist for some reason, but somehow when I was young I was pretty much okay with it. My primary school had an in-built dental clinic and they would call you in according to class register. I guess I was alright cause the dentists always liked my teeth. By the way, my brother told me to be wary when they said that as they want to extract your teeth LOL. I think he must have had a bad experience…

Anyways I digress. Here’s my mani for today’s theme! It’s one from the vaults, so apologies for bad photos etc. I guess you guys can see the difference in how I photograph my nails! Here’s some Pusheen inspired nails :3


I think I used the same polish for this, The Face Shop GR501. The cats were drawn on using nail art pens from Etude and Face Shop.

misc 001edit


OMG Look at that application. Haha. I can see bald streaks(which didn’t turn up IRL then) but ah wells~

I drew the Pusheens on this hand entirely by myself. (:

misc 003edit Cinderella hand~

I obviously liked my right hand a lot more. Even when I had my old nail biting habits, my right hand would be kept pretty. Hmm.

This hand was actually painted by my mum, as well as the cat on the thumb. The cat’s face on my ring finger was painted by my brother I think! I recall instructing them how to use the nail art pen etc hehe. 😀

misc 004edit

This is the only mani out of the whole 31 days OMD Challenge which I have for you guys!


Check out the other creations here! (:

xoxo, xinyu


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