OMD Challenge- Day 24: Inspired by a Tutorial

*Purchased By Me

Hello my dear readers! Sigh I’m in those moods where I feel so tired and I just want to hole up at home and not meet any one…Unfortunately I have to travel to town later on for bible study but well I guess I should be ): about that! :/ Do any of you feel the same or is it just me?

Anyways before I jump into the mani, have you heard that Bondi has a subscription box, I’ll be reblogging Brijit’s post for you guys after this! It’s so awesome, and I’ve really wanted to try Bondi! Plus, I do need more cremes in my life. I’ll also love to swatch for them sigh. However, I have this budget which I imposed on myself so I’m really trying to decide whether I should go for the subscription! ):

Anyhoo~ today’s my 100th post on this blog! Unfortunately today’s post is sort of a nail fail, boo ): I’ve been inspired by many tutorials but everything wasn’t agreeing with me. I tried colour blocking, paisely prints… SIGH. So here’s a sort of attempt at watercolour on the nail.


I also think I should have a signature hand pose, which is most likely this one above! Thinking of standardizing my pictures, but would it be boring for you guys? I’ll just experiment for the month of August I think.

I’m also thinking of creating a sign off photo instead! hmm. But I’ll update all these again when August starts so you guys can know what to look out for! (:


I used a base of OPI My Vampire Is Buff and did the watercolour using The Face Shop BL602 & OPI Jinx.

I don’t think I used any other polishes…to be honest I don’t recall either! D:


Yup. Bumpy, muddy, accidentally removing the base colour in some areas…

I guess at least the index and middle finger look nice from afar haha!

xoxo, xinyu

4 thoughts on “OMD Challenge- Day 24: Inspired by a Tutorial

  1. Congrats on the 100th post! And I don’t think these look so bad. Maybe not what you expected but the colors are pretty together. 🙂 And hey- they can’t all be super star winners. At least all mine can’t, maybe you’re luckier. 😉

    • Thank you!(: I took awhile trying to pick the colours which would match with the base! I have so little cremes!

      Don’t worry, I have loads of nail fails too! So when I want to have a proper mani, I take ages to decide heh! ^^

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