OMD Challenge- Day 25: Inspired by a Movie

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Hey everyone, and welcome to new followers! ^^ I always get excited when I see new followers, it makes me go- “oh my gosh, really, someone is reading my blog?!” (:

We’re down to Day 25 of the OMD Challenge, and I’ve had fun creating and seeing all the other manicures! ^^ It really scares me how time flies, as it feels that yesterday was only Day 1 :O I will also start university soon…so this blog will have some changes but I’ll update all of you at the start of August ❤

Inspired by a movie…of course it had to be Despicable Me nails! I love that show hehe!

image [source]

I really really loved that unicorn.


I started with a base of O.P.I My Vampire Is Buff, as usual. (: I drew everything else using gel pens, except for the yellow minion, which base colour was done in acrylic paint as I don’t own yellow polishes.

The minion was inspired by this photo. The middle finger was supposed to be a silhouette of Gru, inspired by this image but it didn’t turn out as I had planned.

Lastly, the beloved unicorn!!~ *sparkles and neighs* I tried to recreate it’s fluffiness as well as do some shading with gel pens using a mix of dabbing black and white and blending on the spot…hope you guys understand what I mean! ^^

Here’s some more photos, as Despicable Me deserves more photo spam (;




I was obviously quite happy that I had managed to recreate the characters of Despicable Me on my nails.

Check out the other nail art creations for today! ^^ I see Vic of Vic & Her Nails has also created some Despicable Me nail art, and it’s adorable! :3

xoxo, xinyu

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