OMD Challenge- Day 27: Jewellery

*Purchased By Me

Hey guys, it’s Day 27 of the OMD Challenge! On a not so nail related note…I went to search the difference between ‘jewelry’ and ‘jewellery’…turns out ‘jewelry’ is a US spelling and the latter UK, which means I should be spelling it as ‘jewellery’ as Singapore follows British English!

Okay enough about that haha! I had a couple of ideas floating in my head, such as sticking gemstones on my nails, drawing gemstones, going by colour inspiration or detailing out various jewellery pieces. In the end I decided to have Tiffany & Co. inspired nails. I really love that Tiffany blue box sigh! This brand to me is the epitome of the jewellery world, they have such classic pieces! I did these nails based entirely on their Art Deco jewellery, as the period I did these nails, The Great Gatsby was very popular and I loved the pieces created for the show! Unfortunately I didn’t watch the movie, but there’s always the book (:


I started with a base of China Glaze For Audrey, apt for my Tiffany & Co. inspired manicure. (:


I did the nails according to various photos based on Tiffany & Co.’s box and their various jewellery pieces. My index finger was supposed to emulate the headband Daisy wore in The Great Gatsby but my silver gel pen was a little bit too thick so I did not manage to achieve the sleek lines I wanted.


Other than the base colour, I used my black, white and silver gel pens for this look.


Blue and silver are really classy! I may have it for my wedding manicure in the future hehe.

Check out the other nail art creations here! (:

xoxo, xinyu

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