OMD Challenge- Day 30: Favourite Comic Book(or Character)

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Hey everyone! :O It’s the second last day of the OMD Challenge?! :O Shocker, time flies by way too quickly! I was considering painting false nails for the last day of the OMD Challenge, but I’m not sure whether it would be considered as an entry! Anyways, on to the manicure. I was (and still am) a huge fan of manga. Secondary school days were spent reading Furuba or Fruits Basket, which tells the story of Tohru Honda, an orphan girl who, after meeting Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure Sohma, learns that thirteen members of the Sohma family are possessed by the animals of the Chinese zodiac and are cursed to turn into their animal forms when they are weak, stressed, or when they are embraced by anyone of the opposite sex that is not possessed by a zodiacal spirit. In the anime it is possible to transform through torso contact.

I got that from Wikipedia hehe but yeah! My favourite character is Kyo cause not only is he ultra good looking in the manga, but he also represents the cat in the zodiac, which did not make it to be part of the 12. (Why is the zodiac so mean ):< haha)

I decided to feature all four of them, Tohru, Yuki, Kyo and Shigure in their ‘animal’ form on my nails. Tohru is often depicted as a rice ball/onigiri hehe. ^^


I was inspired by various photos, so I can’t remember the real source! So sorry (シ_ _)シ

I used a base of O.P.I My Vampire Is Buff (no surprises there!) and did everything else using my various gel pens.


L>R: Kyo, Tohru, Yuki and Shigure.

Poor Shigure’s animal form is kinda squashed against the side, whoops! :/



This manga series is really touching cause Tohru is such a strong child, and she’s so accepting of others! I think I have learnt a lot from reading the books hehe!

Check out the other lovely manis here!

xoxo, xinyu (:


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