August blogging goals + what to expect…

Hey guys, so I start university today, and today’s my first day of orientation. I’ll be studying a degree in Graphic Communications at a local private arts institution. As Bethanie’s also studying her final year in polytechnic, you may ask what is going to become of this blog?

Never fear! I started this blog with the intention to make it a permanent one and possibly mark my mark in the blogosphere (: I’m still looking forward to the day where this blog is good enough to swatch for some polish brands, especially indie brands! ❤

So here are the August blogging goals.






  1. I’m hoping to post at least 3 posts a week. This will be spread out and I’ll probably schedule posts/blog at night when I’m free! I’ll definitely aim to make whatever I post the best, though I may post some nail fails if I have any. I’ll still be able to attend to comments when I’m on the go, so keep those lovely comments coming! (^▽^)
  2. I have swatches of a Glow in the Dark Polish coming up, as well as my review! Hint- it’s to do with a very popular polish and is a best seller.
  3. Nail of the Day. These posts may be shorter as the pictures can do the talking! (:
  4. I have a lovely early anniversary present from the bf, so hopefully I can swatch some Femme Fatale Cosmetics polishes for you guys. These swatches will be spread out over the months.
  5. If possible, I’ll incorporate some of my Born Pretty Store products which I have purchased into some NOTDs/manicures for you guys.
  6. I’ll also be experimenting with my signature hand poses and trying to have more standardisation with my photos!


xoxo, xinyu



4 thoughts on “August blogging goals + what to expect…

    • Thanks!(: it feels really strange not updating the blog daily with nails though!

      Yeah, but I’m always worried that a standard hand pose will make the post boring cause I have experienced the endless scrolling of a huge collection with at least 3 photos of the same hand pose heh!:S

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