Serum No 5 Day Glow: Swatch & Review

*Purchased By Me

Hey guys! I’m finally back heh! So sorry for not updating but I figured a good time to start the “3-4 posts a week” would be today, which is Monday! ^^ As you guys read this I’m probably attending my first lesson of university life, so wish me luck! (:

Today I have a swatch and review of Serum No 5 Day Glow for you guys. This polish is the most popular lacquer in the Serum No 5 lineup!


Day Glow is described as “A lemony yellow by day, a brilliant glow by night. Please note that due to the nature of the glow pigments that I use, this polish may have a matte finish, but top coat can be applied without affecting the glow.”

Day Glow is the very first polish I own from Serum No 5, and I actually got it as I wanted a lovely glow in the dark polish for polish jewellery making. Yellow polishes and asian skin don’t mix, so I seldom own don’t have any yellow polishes in my stash! This is my first.



The colour turned out pretty okay on my skin tone, but I think I’ll stick to using it for nail art!


I did have some application issues as I was not used to the formula of the polish. The polish was rather chalky and did not even out properly. This is my second attempt, and I think the key is to apply thin coats of polish. Thankfully, Day Glow dries really quickly, and to a lovely matte finish, with a bit of grain to it. I used 4 coats for my photos as I accidentally bumped my third layer before it had dried.

The glow of this polish is really strong, better than Different Dimension’s Light It Up Blue…which I still haven’t properly swatched for you guys. :/ In shade, it glows slightly.



This was taken in my cupboard and is my first attempt at a proper glow shot! Of course, in a pitch black room the glow is crazily strong, and I couldn’t capture it with my camera! ): I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep with Day Glow on my nails though as I’m light sensitive!

I also looove the packaging.



How cute is the box with the heart cut out? :3

Serum No 5 can be purchased from the Serum No 5 etsy shopand international customers can purchase it from Mei Mei’s Signaturesa Singapore- based nail polish shop. All 20% of Serum No 5 profits go to charity.




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