Happy Hands Nail Polish- Afternoon Thunderstorms

*Purchased By Me

Hey dears, TGIF! My week has been super busy with all the projects, so I’ve not been consistent in commenting on fellow bloggers’ lovely posts on the blogosphere! Anyways quick post today as I need to plan images for my creative photography class, as well as cross my fingers and hope that I’ll be able to borrow a DSLR! Wish me luck!

Today I have a swatch and review of Happy Hands Nail Polish- Afternoon Thunderstorms for you. This swatch was done awhile back so photos were taken with my iPhone.


Afternoon Thunderstorms is described as “a stormy gray jelly with small & medium black hexes and a strong red-gold shimmer, reminiscent of lightning strikes or sunlight peeking through rain clouds.”

The polish is exactly like the description, and I love the label. It’s also a square bottle- I’m loving this shape more and more! ^^


Look at the beautiful golden shimmer. :3

I initially was hesitant about purchasing Afternoon Thunderstorms as I wasn’t sure how grey polishes and my skin tone would mix. After staring for a long time at swatches by Chalkboard Nails, I went ahead and purchased it as Mei Mei’s Signatures was having a flash sale. I definitely have no regrets about this purchase as it matched perfectly with my skin! 😀

I used 2-3 thin coats if I recall correctly, and the hex glitters came out perfectly. It does dry with a bit of bumpy texture due to the glitters, but a nice coat of Seche Vite fixed that.

This speckled polish fits in nicely with my Illamasqua ones, and is my to-go shade when I crave some grey.

IMG_5352 at night, with desk lamp lighting.

Happy Hands Nail Polish can be purchased here, and international customers can purchase from Harlow & Co, Mei Mei’s Signatures, Femme Fatale Cosmetics, Edgy Polish and Dazzled(opening soon). You can also keep up to date with products via Happy Hands Nail Polish’s Facebook page.



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