Apologies, quick review of Bondi August box & a teaser

*Purchased By Me

Hey everyone! I’m back!

I’m so sorry for not posting…university life has started and I have many projects to complete! As I’m typing this I’m supposed to be doing my other project…so a quick post!

My Bondi New York August Subscription Box arrived recently! (as well as nail mail from Andra of Nailmattic! ^^) I’ve blogged about the subscription box before here, so check out that post for details! This month’s box was Bondi‘s debut box, so it was a mystery box where we could not view the colours beforehand. I’ve heard there are around 8 different sets which you could receive, and the extra beauty gift varies, from Suki samples, hair mousse, lip gloss to their very own I’m Vers top coat and base coat!

Here’s my box! ^^ This is in fact my early birthday gift(I officially turn 19 on 30th August) from one of my friends hehe! ❤

IMG_5842 copy


I really liked the packaging of this box! It came with tissue paper, a thank you card as well as those brown paper shavings you see(I don’t know what they’re called!). The bottles were also wrapped in the same material.


(L>R: I’m Vers, Fuschia-istic, NYPD, Brick Road)

The bottles were a little dusty when they arrived, but a quick clean up and they were good to go! And hey- at least they arrived intact! 😀

I was really happy to see that I received I’m Vers instead of other samples…just personal preference and my skin is slightly more sensitive so I’m only suited for certain brands! Besides, a 5-free top coat and base coat…it’s like having a full manicure set in a box! ^^

While Asian skin and yellow don’t really go hand-in-hand, swatches of Brick Road actually looked fantastic on my skin! But stay tuned for that (; That aside, I love all the colours I’ve received, and many nail art ideas popped into my head straightaway!


Stay tuned for the swatches and nail art I did with my Bondi box! I’ve got to run now!


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