Bondi New York: NYPD & Fuschia-istic

*Purchased By Me

Hello dears! Today I will do a swatch and review of the colours in my Bondi August subscription box.

bondinailscollage (L>R: Fuschia-istic, NYPD & Brick Road)

Today I will show you swatches of NYPD and Fuschia-istic. I accidentally did nail art using Brick Road before I had taken swatch photos, so that will be shown another day.


P1000416 copy

NYPD is described as “You have the right to remain fabulous. You have the right to rock a killer blue nail polish. Anything you touch will be used against you by one of New York’s finest. Aim for the handcuffs.”

NYPD stands for the New York City Police Department. This gorgeous medium navy blue definitely captures the blue seen on the side of police cars. (I googled photos!)

P1000417 copy

This baby could almost be a one-coater, but I used 2 coats to even out any patchiness. Formula is good although application was not as smooth as Fuschia-istic. No problems of bubbling or streaking.

P1000419 copy sans top coat

I love this shade of blue- I rarely wear darker shades(black aside), so this shows how much I love NYPD! ^^

P1000435 copy

Fuschia-istic is described as “Your future’s so bright that you gotta wear this shade. Fuschia is all the rage amongst the sexiest of cyborgs – so stay two steps ahead of the style trend. No Delorean required.”

love this shade so much! This was honestly the first polish I turned to, to have a cute pedi. :3 It’s gorgeously bright- not retina-searing but still loud enough to garner attention in a good way.

P1000438 copy

Can I also mention that the application was as smooth as buttah?

Also, I don’t know why the photos appear as if the polish is uneven- IRL it was gorgeously smooth and shiny. I did not use top coat for all the photos. The polish also leans a darker shade of reddish-pink IRL.

P1000436 copyP1000437 copy


I also love the square bottles Bondi has. It has a rubberized cap, and apparently it can be taken off,(read it on a fellow nail blog) like Illamasqua ones, but I’m not sure about that. I worked with the bottle just as it is, and it was not difficult to hold or apply. In fact, I felt that the square shape gave me a better grip hehe. ^^

The packaging of the bottle is elegant, complementing Bondi and their logo; and it fits nicely in my polish storage area.

Stay tuned for swatches of Brick Road and nail art I did with these two shades!



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