Follow the Yellow Brick Road~

*Purchased By Me

Hey dears! TGIF! I just realised I kind of spammed you guys with posts in a row, but hey- I can’t be so mean to leave you all hanging and not show you the last colour I received from my Bondi August Subscription Box!

P1000427 copy

Brick Road is described as “Dorothy would’ve gotten home a lot quicker with this hot hue painted on her hitching thumb. A bright and sunny shade perfect for a yellow brick road trip with friends or a night out with The Wiz. Now just ask yourself – are you a good witch? Or a bad witch?”

This colour was the one which I was unsure of when I first opened my box. How would it look like on my skin? Would I actually wear it? I’m not a fan of yellow polishes(though I really love the look of Lickitung from Sayuri’s Gotta Catch Them All Collection) as I feel Asian skin and yellows don’t match. After swatching it though… it surprisingly looked good on me, although I think I would still use it for nail art/draw nail art over it!


Of course, Brick Road had to go with the yellow brick road from The Wizard Of Oz. The whole time I was swatching, I had the song stuck in my head. Now it can be stuck in yours too! Hehe.

P1000428 copy

This gorgeous yellow, a tad brighter IRL compared to photos was 2 lovely coats. Formula was good, application fuss-free as all the other polishes.

I attempted to draw a brick road(with flowers, and the white/silver area is supposed to be mountains) on my accent nail.

P1000433 copy

I never expected to fall in love with a yellow, but I think Brick Road has captured my heart, along with the other shades. ❤

Nail art for NYPD and Fuschia-istic is coming up!


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