Back with some…

Hey people, I’m back!!! 😀 (Finally!) I know I have been gone like close to 2 months but it was due to my hectic schedule in school with tons of tests, projects and tutorials. I only ended my final paper a couple of days ago and I took some time off to hang out and chill a bit. Furthermore, I was putting the finishing touches for my jewellery that is now officially on our store, Little Rain Designs  😀

Unfortunately, I don’t have any nail designs to show you guys yet so I decided to show some of my designs for the shop instead! I have posted a total of 5 collections all very different and unique in their own ways.  I decided to share a picture of one item from each collection and if you wanna check out more, please feel free to check out the store.

From my Dear Rosie collection, I have a simple ring titled Pick a Rose.


From my Vice Versa Stripes Collection, this is Barcode (a pendant!)


This one is from the Three Heart Series and its called Emerald. The reasoning behind the name is because the heart is as precious as gemstones ❤


The fourth collection is probably my fav! Its the Gimme some leopard will ya? collection and that below is called snow, named after the snow leopard..


Last but not least is the With some inspiration… collection and this item is called Renaissance.


All of my other designs are up on Little Rain Designs and feel free to comment down below on your thoughts! 🙂

Till next time, Bethanie


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