31DC2013: day 9-Rainbow Nails!!!

Hi everyone 🙂 Day 9 of the 31DC2013 means that it’s time for some Rainbow Nails! When I read the theme, I immediately knew I wanted to do a rainbow cake mani so I went in search of some pretty pictures as inspiration. Among the many, I found this picture by AnisBakery super cute and easy to recreate on nails, so here it is! You can also check out the picture on the original website here 🙂

I tried to recreate this image on my middle finger but somehow it ended up looking not like a slice of cake (sorry about that!) :/ As for my index finger, I did some slices of cake and filled the rest with rainbow coloured polka dots. For my ring finger, it has swirls and my pinkie has lines of the different colours of the rainbow 😀

This is my rainbow nails!!

       Image         Image

Polishes used:

Base colour- OPI if you moust you moust

Red- Zoya America

Orange, yellow and white- purchased from sasa

Blue- Topshop Airplane

Green- Couleur Inc, Grus 106

Violet- OPI dutch ya just love opi


Hope you liked it!

Till next time, Bethanie


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