31DC2013: day 10- glitter gradient :)

Hey all 🙂 It is day 10 of the 31DC2013 and the theme today is Gradient Nails!! It is the last day of the colours category and I wanted to do a gradient with some glitters, cos who doesn’t love glitter?! Then I saw my three recently purchased face shop polishes and thought why not? 😛

All three are from their Yogurt Nails collection and they are Vanilla Sugar Yogurt, Lemon Candy Yogurt and Apple Mint Yogurt. Vanilla Sugar yogurt is this milky white jelly with big and small hexagons. The hexagons come in various colours such as green, blue, red and yellow. As for the Lemon Candy yogurt, it is a pastel yellow jelly with green, orange and yellow hexagons. Lastly is Apple Mint yogurt, a pastel bluish jelly with pale pink and green hexagons.

Overall, I am not a huge fan as the formula is pretty bad (chunky :/) . If you apply a thin coat, it gets streaky and if you apply a thick coat, it gets hard to spread the hexagons out evenly and smoothly. On the bright side, after all the trouble, you are left with a super cute look! 😛

For my gradient, I started off with Vanilla Sugar then to Apple Mint and finished off with Lemon Candy and this is the final look with top coat…

Image                    Image  Image

Hope you liked it!

Till next time, Bethanie

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