Yes I’m alive! + swatch & review of Polished by KPT thermals~

*Purchased By Me

Hey dears! Apologies for the long absence, university does that to you! I see we have new followers, and I’m so happy about that! Welcome everyone! ^^ ❤ For those who don’t know, I’m the other half of this blog- running it with Bethanie :3 Luckily she has been updating the blog daily cause she’s currently on holiday (although she’s starting her internship already!).

Okay enough chit-chat, I’m just popping in for this quick swatch and review of 2 of my beautiful thermals from Polished by KPT. Apologies in advance for the photos, I didn’t take these using my digital camera, but with my iphone 4. ><

Today I have Blue is Beautiful and Molybdenum for you.


First, Blue Is Beautiful. Photos show 3 thin coats by itself, top coated with Sally Hansen Mega Shine.

This polish is described as a “Dark blue scattered holo with a fading thermal effect and small blue glitters.” This is simply beautiful.

When in the warm state, which was what it was most of the time on me, it was a cornflower/grey colour. Gorgeous. :3 When cold, it turns blurple. The glitters are apparent in both states, but pops out so much more when cold! I had fun brushing my hands against icy cold drinks…^^

I did have some issue with the formula though, it was jelly-like, a bit thick so it took effort to get a nice application. Once I got the hang of it though, it was smooth-sailing. (:


Molybdenum is described as “pewter-like colour changes to a silvery chrome like finished when warm. ” Part of “The Transition Elements Volume I” collection as “in their natural state, the nail polishes mimic the colours of these elements, hence, the reason for their names.” Photos show 2 coats.

Oh my goodness. This polish is PEWTER-FUL.<3 It is like a gunmetal grey colour- I loved it in both states. Application was really easy for this one too, as compared to Blue Is Beautiful. Went on like buttah. Here, I’ve matched it with Happy Hands Nail Polish Afternoon Thunderstorms for my accent nail.


Managed to capture the transitioning effect!


Bottom line- I need moar thermals in my life! My friends were fascinated by my nails and would constantly hold up my hands to observe the colour change! Definitely a good conversational starter ^^

I purchased my polishes during a pre-order which Shoppe Eclecticco awhile back. Polished by KPT can be bought directly from their store(US only), or various other international retailers! (:

*P.S: the labels of the nail polish bottles are NOT waterproof- I found out the hard way and lost the pretty labels.. T~T



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