Kawaii nail art for friends

*Purchased By Me

Hey dearies! Sorry for the constant breaks in blogging…Bethanie is busy with her projects and work whilst I’m super busy with university! Definitely trying to pop in now and then to update the blog though! I’m currently having a project week which means no school(but loads of projects to complete)…so you guys are hearing from me whilst I’m having a short break between work. (:

So today I have some nail art which I did for my university friends. We had a girls’ night at my classmate’s hostel and of course there was manicure time! They are actually one of my only few friends who made good on their comment of “you have to paint nails for me”. Due to lack of time though, I only managed to do proper nail art for 3 of my babes(and I only managed to take pictures of two of them!) Nonetheless, on to the manicures! ~ ❤



My friends wanted girly designs, so here I did roses and stripes. She wanted a pink base colour, so I chose this mini bottle I had(brand unknown, given as a birthday present to me) which was part of a french manicure set. It complemented her skin tone nicely. (: I then dotted roses using yet another unknown named blue polish, and then filled in the roses using my red Uniball Signo gel pen. Leaves were done in green, unknown named polish and the dots and stripes were done using my white Uniball Signo gel pen. 

Apologies for all the “unknown named” polishes- I used my friend’s polishes and didn’t take note of what they were!)



The overall look ended up very feminine and Japanese- suited my lovely friend! These nails even managed to persuade her to temporarily stop biting her nails. (and I hope she does!) 

The next look was Strawberries, inspired by my nail art done with Bondi Fuschia-istic, seen here. All polishes and gel pens used were the same as what I used previously, except that the green was done with polish.





Somehow I keep thinking of Sanrio when I look at this strawberry inspired nail art! 😀

I also felt very proud of my handiwork cause it was also the first time I was painting on such short nails! Hehe


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