xy’s update (:

Hey dears!

I’m sure most of you have read Bethanie’s update on what she’s busy with as well as her future plans… and I decided to do mine as well!

School’s been really busy for me-> I don’t really have time to do any swatching/nail art which really sucks…but I’m still planning to do some on my free(er) days and hopefully get them up for the blog! My nails have kind of quit on me…the free edge has been flaking off and leaving the nail soft and weak ): As a result I’ve started them on a rest period for this entire week where they’ll get some tender loving care from me!

The blog posts won’t be so consistent from this week on but I promise to try and get something up ASAP! I’ve also been working on the shop(new packaging and a Halloween collection) which you can follow us for updates via our Facebook page and Instagram @littleraindesigns. (: The pre-order is going up on 13th October so mark the date! As usual there’s limited stock cause we love making one of a kind designs (:

We have something special coming up really really soon so look out for that! I’m really excited about that! 😀 x


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