Nailspiration: Rainbow Dot Nails

*Purchased By Me

Hey loves, so I was browsing through the innumerable polish blogs which I follow via bloglovin’ and came across this post by Emma of Manicurity and I immediately knew I wanted to recreate it on my nails!


So this is the look I did…I wanted a pearl base instead of stark white(and partially cause the pearl coloured polish was nearer to me, on my desk 😛 hehe.) so I went with Docile D207 instead! I used my gel pens to dot everything else. (:




*cringes internally* My photos turned out looking soft and out of focus…ugh please forgive me. It was one of those days where the camera refused to focus on my nails ):

I’m glad I found another pearl coloured polish as my previous one started turning streaky(it was a cheap brand). Pearl coloured polishes make me feel very bridal/feminine/classy hehe! ^^ Do any of you guys feel the same way?


8 thoughts on “Nailspiration: Rainbow Dot Nails

  1. I seriously wondered whether there was something wrong with my eyes, they wouldn’t focus….
    This is a really clever idea, for a very colourful and jazzy mani, but not too baroque and fluffy, I really love it!

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