Trick or Treat! It’s Halloween Guest Post Week!|Guest Post by buy ALL the colors!

Hey everyone! Hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s Halloween-themed manicure. (: Today’s guest post comes from Kitsu of buy ALL the colors! Let’s see what fang-tastic manicure she has come up with! ^^


Hey guys! I’m Kitsu from buy ALL the colors! and I’m super excited to be sharing some nail art with you all today! Thanks so much to Xin Yu and Bethanie for inviting me to join in on the Halloween fun!


I remember reading Dracula when I was younger, and was always terrified of being visited by him in the middle of the night, especially on nights like Halloween! So here’s some fanged nail art dedicated to the truly terrifying vampires of classic novels.

I used Sinful Shine Dark Room for the black base and then drew on the fangs with Wisp. Then lastly I brushed on some blobs of Devious for a bloody effect. The great thing about using a black base is that you can be a bit sloppy with the “blood” application and it doesn’t even show up outside of the fangs! And if you’re planning on creating this look, as with all dark colors, make sure to use base coat to prevent staining!

I hope you all liked how this turned out! Thanks again to Lacquered By Bluevanilla for hosting this mani!


Wow thanks so much Kitsu! I really love the bloody effect- I think it’s done perfectly! (: I’ve never read Dracula before and I think I need to pick it up soon!


3 thoughts on “Trick or Treat! It’s Halloween Guest Post Week!|Guest Post by buy ALL the colors!

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