Trick or Treat! It’s Halloween Guest Post Week!|Halloween Skittle Manicure by Xin Yu

*Purchased By Me

Hello my lovelies, have a good Sunday!

It’s my turn to show you my Halloween themed nail art for this guest post week! ^^ Honestly I’ve never celebrated Halloween before, but I always thought the idea of trick and treating, dressing up, carving pumpkins was really cool! I even did some googling on the significance of Halloween heh.

Here in Singapore, though we do have a Halloween Horrors event, many Singaporeans don’t really have the tradition of celebrating it- it’s not even an official holiday here! Nonetheless, I persevered and finally came up with a skittle manicure which I had fun doing.


For my index finger, I painted The Face Shop PP404, a gorgeous shimmery purple which dries with a bit of matte/texture. I then added some spiderwebs using my silver Uniball Signo pen.


My middle finger is an eyeball design, painted using H&M White, with the rest of the details done using my gel pens. I even tried using highlighter on my nails for the first time- the blue is done using that hehe!


And as I’m a cat lover, no Halloween manicure can be completed without my favourite black cat. I used The Face Shop BK901, a beautiful polish with duochrome shimmer for the base, and added in the whiskers and eyes using my white and gold Uniball Signo gel pens respectively.

Meow! My black cat from Emily the Strange appears in the shot above. :3 I actually don’t know if its one of the original 4 cats, and if it is, I’m guessing it’s either Mystery or Sabbath.


My pinky finger was painted simply with 2 coats of Layla Ceramic Effect No 53, a drool-worthy flakie polish. Unfortunately the gorgeousness of this polish was not captured on my nail here. ): This reminded me of blood…albeit pretty one.

And for a silly “hold all the bottles just for the fun of it” shot:



Hope you guys are feeling the Halloween vibes!


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