Nail Deck’s Final Clearance Sale + our own updates <3

Hey dears! Sorry for the lapse in the posts after the 11 days of Halloween! I’ve been really busy preparing for my final assessment submissions so this blog has yet again been neglected. ): After that though, I’ll be able to get back to a regular blogging schedule with luck! Anyways, I’ll like to thank everyone again for joining us and many thanks and love to the fellow bloggers who kindly took some time out to do a guest post for us! 😀 ❤

(I’m currently working on a collage photo of all the manicures so if any of my readers missed out on a day, you can click through to follow the link) [photo to come soon]

I’m also so sorry for the lapse in replies to all your wonderful and sweet comments! Bethanie and I will be slowly getting back to them over these few days! x


Anyways, here’s something for all of you! Nail Deck , a Singapore based online nail polish shop, is closing down for good D: I’ve become friends/acquaintances with the owner through this site and ordering, so it’s quite sad to see it officially closing down. My Zoya supplies are now gone. D: )’:


The owner will be focusing mainly on his full time job now as it is quite tough for him to juggle both at once (a feeling I totally get) He is thus having a final clearance sale with really, really good deals. Oh yes, everything’s legit, and there’s good service (:

Okay, just clicky-click through the link to take you to the google spreadsheet. He ships internationally as long as there are no polish regulations. All details can be found here.



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