On the prowl…

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Hey lovelies, Happy Tuesday! (:

Quick post today- this manicure was done quite sometime back but somehow I never posted it, so here’s its time to shine on the blog today. It’s a simple manicure really, done using Docile polishes, namely D217 & D218 as well as a black Uniball Signo gel pen.


I did the leopard print as an accent french tip(sort of french tip, considering I didn’t really leave it as a naked nail) using my gel pen over Docile 218, a gorgeous shimmery silver. The other nails were done using Docile 217, an almost gunmetal silver-grey polish.

All nails were around 2-3 coats if I recall correctly, and absolutely shimmered under the light. These photos were taken late at night as that was when I was doing my swatching…





OMD Challenge- Day 15: Hearts

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Hey everyone! Hope Monday hasn’t been too much of a ” :S “<- I didn’t really know how to describe it in any other way! ^^

Today’s challenge is hearts and I can’t believe that I haven’t done any actual nail art centered around this theme! Okay, I lied, I’ve done two manis but they are in the “never to be seen again unless I feel like showing them” folder of failed nails.(シ_ _)シ

So, here’s what I came up for today’s theme instead. I’m honestly in love and I think I’ll recreate them again to wear…but as an accent nail! ^^

P.S: I also struggled to take awesome photos of this mani. I took around 20 + but ended up with 4 nice ones!


I polished my nails with Revlon Black Lingerie but I left my ring finger naked(i.e. only base coat) as I wanted to create a contrast within the mani. I also added 1-2 (I don’t recall) coats of Black Sheep Lacquer Blitz to my middle and ring fingernail for more oomph! 😀


I then manually placed heart shaped glitters on my nails. Some of these hearts are holographic so they caused my handphone to spazz haha!

I purchased the heart glitters from daiso! I think I need to go back for more…


I also dotted my nails with small silver and gold dots on the middle -> pinky as a sort of…decoration and divider between each heart. That was done using my gold and silver Uniball Signo gel pen. (:


I was quite glad that the heartshapes ended up fitting nicely onto my nail lengthwise! I really want to create my index finger as an accent nail again…(人´∀`*)

What do you guys think? (:

♥, xinyu

OMD Challenge- Day 13: Stars

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Hey all! It’s Day 13 of the OMD Challenge! Today’s theme is stars, and I reused the base of my mani for Day 11 – Stripes. (:

Basically my idea was to doodle random star like shapes on my nails! It ended up like a child’s drawing, so I’m sticking to that (;

There isn’t really much to say about this mani, except it does remind me of my younger days(I’m not even that old yet!) where I would freely draw without abandon. It’s quite sad how when we’re older we grow more conscious and therefore don’t doodle as much!


Gel pens were used for this entire look, apart from my base coat.

  • white Uniball Signo gel pen
  • gold Uniball Signo gel pen
  • silver Uniball Signo gel pen
  • fuschia gel pen from Franc Franc



P.S: I’ve also updated the blog  header and tagline…what do you guys think? (:

♥, xinyu

OMD Challenge- Day 12: Dots

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Hey everyone! It’s Day 12 of the OMD Challenge! If you haven’t joined, check it out here on how to enter (: We’ll love to see what you come up with! ♥

Today’s theme is dots and I’m still on my “show your naked nail” so… here they are!


So they are a mix of funky(?) french tips (with very visible nail line)  and random dots and hearts! I actually did use butter LONDON Nail Foundation as the base, but I guess it doesn’t really show. I don’t think I’ve got the proper hang of using nail foundation yet…


*Please forgive any hangnails! D: My cuticles were probably screaming after swatching and doing so much nail art for the past hour! :/


Aside from butter LONDON Nail Foundation, every thing used was solely gel pens(again) ^^ I was trying to achieve a sort of heart shaped french tip for both my index and pinky and I just filled in some random dots for that! The middle and ring finger is a dotted french tip line with a silver heart.



  • butter LONDON Nail Foundation
  • red uniball Signo 0.38 gel pen
  • silver uniball Signo gel pen
  • white uniball Signo gel pen
  • fuschia gel pen from Franc Franc

Hmm…looking back at this mani, I’m on the fence about this look! I’m not sure whether I really love it! I probably should have coloured in the heart shape french tips…


♥, xinyu

OMD Challenge- Day 11: Stripes

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Hey everyone! Wow I spent the entire day settling my polish jewellery shop (i.e. take photos, edit photos…) I’ve finally found out the difference with taking photos with a camera and an iphone! So much nicer oh my gosh. I’m so dumb haha! Anyways I also finally got a free trial of photoshop CS6 on my (full of problems but still working) laptop, so next month or something there’ll be a change in watermark! ^^

Okay on to today’s theme for the OMD Challenge!


I was feeling the nude nail so I decided to go with some striped french tips. By the way, I’m not a pro at doing french tips! My nails are so curved so the previous time I tried using french tip guides I failed haha! These were drawn using a white Uniball Signo gel pen… 😛 ^^


Also, three fingers cause if I recall correctly, I did these when I had a cut on my pinky! D: Hope you’ll forgive me for the lack of a 4-finger pose..

Anyways these nails remind me of a carnival/ the striped circus tents… or perhaps a striped popcorn box? My thoughts are based on photos rather than IRL though, as I haven’t been to an actual circus!


I’ll definitely do this as a full mani someday…it was quick and easy to achieve with gel pens! There’s also something about this striped goodness which appeals to me… Hmm!



  • white uniball Signo gel pen
  • silver uniball Signo gel pen
  • gold uniball Signo gel pen
  • fuschia gel pen from FrancFranc


What do you guys think? (:

♥, xinyu

dried flowers & french tips

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Hey everyone! TGIF!

I’ll be heading back to my Junior College today to watch a dance performance and support my juniors…really excited about that. ^^ Of course, I had to have a nice mani to mark the occasion!

I wanted something different from just plain ol’ polish on nails…and I even thought of going in the caviar/fish egg direction! I finally settled on some dried flowers which I had purchased a month back from T-mart.

If you follow us on IG, this was the sneak peek photo I posted! Snapped some quick shots at night. (:



As you can see, I’ve recently cut my nails…and honestly they looked awful with normal polish on them- just not my preference, so I decided to go with some french tips.



I did a gradient using the orange glitters from my Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradation Set #1 Screw Driver on my thumb. I used two coats respectively for the glitter polishes to have more bling. After top coat, which created some cool glassy-like effect, I stuck on some floral nail stickers I purchased from Daiso. Three small dots in silver pen completed the look.

My accent nail used two dried flowers, I trimmed the length accordingly and held them in place with top coat.

IMG_4546 My right hand makes an appearance!

As you can see, I even managed to do my dominant hand! 😀

Difference here is that the right nail has 3 flowers of different colours. The overall effect is a garden-like look to me.

I guess I could have done the glitter gradient for all my nails, but somehow I liked the look.

What do you guys think, is it unbalanced?



Oh yes, PSST! – The french tips are in fact my natural nails. They looked weird when I tried to do some real french tips(if that made any sense…) so I just decided to go au naturel.

On a side note, I really love the Etude House glitters for gradients…too bad they cost around S$12.90 for one set, which contains three 4 ml polishes! If I could I would buy the whole collection! :/


♥, xinyu

roses and a french tip mani

Hi guys,

First post of this blog, and I shall show you a mani which I did over the week.


I’ve been having a lack of inspiration to paint my nails, and hence my nails have been bare for around one month(shocker, yes I know). Regardless, I was struck by inspiration to do some florals and so, here are some roses. I used Sasatinnie Orchid and then freehanded the roses using Daler Rowney acrylic paints(which btw, was probably not a good choice cause they dried really quickly..). I just used a brush to create different sized circles in pink, before using a dotting tool to create the petals. This was also my first time using acrylic paint, and doing roses.. so..close up on my thumb you can see the streaks from the paintbrush..but do forgive me ^^


I covered my accent nails with China Glaze Fairy Dust, a holographic top coat. The glitters did cover up any mistakes in painting and made the roses look so much more gorgeous…just goes to show the wonders glitter can do! ^^

IMG_3668my right hand was done differently, cause my non dominant hand(left) obviously couldn’t paint well. Hence a french tip was adopted for the accents instead! I sealed my ring finger with CG Fairy Dust and Blacksheeplacquer Blitz, the thumb with only Blitz to see the difference!

Double the sparkle and shine for the ring finger, as Blitz is a holographic flake coat which can be applied over any colour for a different effect.


here is a close up of my thumb.. it was TOUGH to capture the sparkle, my iphone does not do this polish justice.

Till next time~