31DC2013: Day 17

Hey there! Today being day 17 of the 31DC2013, it’s time for Glitter nails! 🙂 Since I have already done a glitter gradient, I thought it would be fun to do a mani with glitters of different shapes and sizes. So I went through my small polish stash and found four glitter polishes that could work together. They are Orly Embrace (index), Faceshop SL211 (accent), Funky Fingers Mermaid Lagoon (pinkie). Unfortunately, I don’t know the brand of the polish on my middle finger as I got it from a nail swap and there is no brand name on the bottle. However, it does state the name of the polish which is Blueberry Swirl! 🙂 I used topshop airplane as my base colour. After adding the glitters, I finished off with matte top coat from etude house and this is the finished look!



Hope you liked it!

Till next time, Bethanie


OMD Challenge- Day 19: Glitter

*Purchased By Me

Hey everyone! TGIF! So to kick off the end of the week, I have some glitter nails for you, because nothing screams ‘party’ as much as glitter does! ^^ Of course for me I’m just chilling at home for the weekend…except for tomorrow where I’ll be out with the bf. (:

Anyways, it’s quite funny how yesterday was a delicate theme and today seems like the opposite! ^^


Presenting Orly Go Deeper from the Flash Glam FX Collection. I had such a difficult time photographing this gorgeous polish…It is a teal blue base with blue, green and holographic glitter mixed in. I’ve read that this is the toned down teal version of Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe, and it does look that way after googling swatches online! (: Unfortunately I don’t own any DL…so I can’t do a proper comparison for you guys.


I would also like to mention that I had a horrendous time applying this glitter. The formula was a bit goopy in some areas and I had to make sure my application was even…so to get that look up there took time! I think it’s probably the bottle I got though, as I haven’t heard of any other bloggers with the same problem! Sigh (´∩`。)


Anyways I didn’t use a peel off base coat for this mani! Obviously I had a horrendous time taking everything off…but well live and learn.


I still love the look of this polish, though it’s honestly a bit overkill on the nails for a full manicure! ^^

Check out the other glitter-fied nails here!

xinyu (:

Time to meet the girlfriends! ~~

*Purchased By Me

Hi everyone! How is summer/June going? 🙂 I have started school 😦 but I will be officially ending in a few months so cant wait!

Anyways today I have a fun girly mani that would be great for a meet up with girlfriends! Without further ado, here it is..


As you all know I love my pinks and purples so I wanted to play around with them to create a cute look!

I painted my thumb, accent and little nails with OPI Feelin’ Hot-Hot-Hot. As for index finger, it got a coat of OPI Dutch ‘ya just love OPI? followed by two coats of ORLY Embrace. As for my middle finger, it has one coat of OPI Anti-Bleak.


Now for the designs.. For my middle finger, I used OPI Feelin’ Hot-Hot-Hot to create the hearts. Its super easy; all you have to do is place two dots and then connect them together to form a heart! Its the same for the heart on my pinky, for which I used OPI Anti-Bleak. (I just switched the colors :P) For my accent nail, I dotted OPI Anti-Bleak and Rubi its getting hot in here and  finished off with two glitters from ORLY Embrace at the ends. Btw everything was done with my dotting tool!


Thats about it! Super easy, fast and you get a cute & fun look! 😛 Do you guys have any ideas for a girly mani? Comment down below! 

xoxo, Bethanie

purple mania

*Purchased By Me

Hey everyone, Happy Hump-Day!

It’s our second month blog anniversary today, so to celebrate I have some glitter for you guys, heh! ♥

More swatches will be seen this month as I’m trying to save up all my nail art ideas for Brijit’s Digits, Craftynail and Eeeek! Nail Polish! ‘s Oh Mon Dieu! It’s the Rather Awesome 31 Day Challenge Giveaway! So July will be one awesome smorgasbord of nail art~

Anyways here are swatches of Orly Ridiculously Regal from their Flash Glam FX Collection(I think :/).



Orly Ridiculously Regal consists of larger and smaller deep purple hex glitters, in a clear base. Settling will occur but all is required is a good shake of the bottle. (:

This gorgeous purple shade fits the name indeed as it definitely reminds me of royalty! Although it is a darker, vampy shade, the sparkle is lovely. Somehow it’s a more subtle glitter(if that made any sense!)


This polish requires the “dab and spread method”. I did two coats in order to achieve the look above. It is also obvious where in some places, the brush had more glitters and it thus translated onto the nail. I still love it nonetheless.

Although most glitters are swatched over black, I did not want to do the same- although a swatch of that may be seen soon just for you readers! (: I decided to swatch it over a light and dark purple to see the effect.



Base polishes used, L>R:

  • O.P.I Dutch Ya Just Love OPI (Bethanie’s collection) – 2 coats
  • H&M Peppermint Fusion – 2 coats

Both of the underwear(?) polishes have a gorgeous shimmer running throughout. Love it.

I must mention that this is also my first time trying out a darker purple shade, and I’m glad it turned out well on my skin! Also, you NEED some purple glitter in your life…plus a nice purple polish to boot! (:

Just remember to be patient when applying Ridiculously Regal. ^^



I purchased this from D.Y.O.N International @ Scape for S$9, but YES, they do ship overseas too! I always love this place as you can find O.P.I’s at $10(some places in Sg sell it for $20!).


♥, xinyu