Black x Neon

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Hey everyone, happy hump day! Today I have short post featuring a manicure done using Born Pretty Store studs.


So I did these nails for Saturday as I went to Zouk for the first time, which is a rather popular club in Singapore, especially among the teenagers.

I used a base of The Face Shop BK901, a gorgeous black polish with duochrome shimmer — although I’ve recently spotted some flashes of fuschia/red aside from the usual purple to blue, so I’m not really sure what to call it anymore! The studs are from the Born Pretty Store and I purchased the full wheel of neon nail art studs. It comes with a variety of colours and you can check it out here.



I chose the less bright colours for the studs this time round, as I wanted it to sort of match my dress which I wore that night, which was white with black geometric triangles and patterns. This is also why I did my ring finger and thumb nail in a triangular and v-shape respectively with the studs. (:


I’ve heard that the studs glow under UV light, but I unfortunately couldn’t put them to the test! ): I have a feeling the brighter colours would glow better under the light though!



Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow

*Purchased By Me

Happy Thursday! Today I have another of my untrieds- well, it has been used, but for nail polish jewelry and not my nails heh- for you guys (:

This is The Face Shop Face It Colored Paper Nails in cmx322 Lovely Pop.



cmx322 Lovely Pop is basically loads of glitter suspended in a clear base, with red heart and square glitter, blue hex glitter, smaller yellow hex glitter, yellow hearts and white bar, star and hex glitter. I didn’t manage to get out any white stars for my swatch, but it can be seen in the bottle shot, hiding near the bottom!


For application, I simply suspended the bottle for a couple of minutes in order to get out the heart shapes. You have to be careful as the clear base can be slightly thick, but careful application does the trick. The white glitter did come out in abundance though, so I did some manual dabbing/shifting around on the nail, as well as wiping my brush against the side of the polish bottle.


This was 2 coats over a base of The Face Shop BK901, a gorgeous black polish with duochrome shimmer. Of course the shimmer was lost under all the glitter, but I picked it mainly for the black base and my standard black polish is almost finished. 😀


I really love this glitter polish, and I picked it up cause the primary colours reminded me of paintings done by Piet Mondrian, one of my favourite artists! A few of his works can be seen here.


I don’t think I would apply this glitter to all my nails though as it looks like there’s too much going on. Probably just for an accent nail(or two) (: Speaking of which, I have an idea for a new manicure which incorporates this polish! Stay tuned (; ~


Trick or Treat! It’s Halloween Guest Post Week!|Halloween Skittle Manicure by Xin Yu

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Hello my lovelies, have a good Sunday!

It’s my turn to show you my Halloween themed nail art for this guest post week! ^^ Honestly I’ve never celebrated Halloween before, but I always thought the idea of trick and treating, dressing up, carving pumpkins was really cool! I even did some googling on the significance of Halloween heh.

Here in Singapore, though we do have a Halloween Horrors event, many Singaporeans don’t really have the tradition of celebrating it- it’s not even an official holiday here! Nonetheless, I persevered and finally came up with a skittle manicure which I had fun doing.


For my index finger, I painted The Face Shop PP404, a gorgeous shimmery purple which dries with a bit of matte/texture. I then added some spiderwebs using my silver Uniball Signo pen.


My middle finger is an eyeball design, painted using H&M White, with the rest of the details done using my gel pens. I even tried using highlighter on my nails for the first time- the blue is done using that hehe!


And as I’m a cat lover, no Halloween manicure can be completed without my favourite black cat. I used The Face Shop BK901, a beautiful polish with duochrome shimmer for the base, and added in the whiskers and eyes using my white and gold Uniball Signo gel pens respectively.

Meow! My black cat from Emily the Strange appears in the shot above. :3 I actually don’t know if its one of the original 4 cats, and if it is, I’m guessing it’s either Mystery or Sabbath.


My pinky finger was painted simply with 2 coats of Layla Ceramic Effect No 53, a drool-worthy flakie polish. Unfortunately the gorgeousness of this polish was not captured on my nail here. ): This reminded me of blood…albeit pretty one.

And for a silly “hold all the bottles just for the fun of it” shot:



Hope you guys are feeling the Halloween vibes!


Femme Fatale Cosmetics: Suspended Starlight

*Purchased By Me

Hey dears, it’s Monday again! Time flies by so insanely fast…:/ Hope the week has got off to a good start for everyone!

Today I have a continuation of my swatch of The Face Shop BK901, with an accent nail of Femme Fatale Cosmetics Suspended Starlight. Before I purchased BK901, I noticed the base colour and immediately thought of FFC Glinting Lodestone as I felt they would make a great pair! Turns out it makes good undies for Suspended Starlight too! (:


Suspended Starlight is described as ” a stunning mix of deep blues, navy and sparks of bright blue all in a sheer jelly navy base. Iridescent flashes and silver holo stars / moons complete the polish, perfect for adding a little starlit sky look to your nails 🙂 We recommend use over a dark blue/navy/black base. Suspended Starlight is part of our Christmas Trio. Each bottle is made to order using a 3-Free base!”

There was no issue with glitter application for Suspended Starlight– in fact, I had to ensure I did not get too much glitter onto my nails! Unfortunately it was quite tough to get out the moon and star shaped glitters; I only managed to get one moon glitter on my thumb. Nevertheless this is possibly due to me not suspending the bottle long enough.



It’s like a galaxy happening on my nails… ❤

I also really loved the subtle flashes coming from the undies, really helped to portray the idea of night sky!


IMG_6528 after 3 days of wear

As you can see, only my undies started having tip wear after around 3 days! I was also beginning to have urges to remove my nail polish, but I managed to resist and hold out for 5 days.

I should try swatching Suspended Starlight over a navy base too, I think this will bring out the black shard/black glitters nicely. (:

Suspended Starlight can be purchased from Femme Fatale Cosmetics(international shipping now available!) or any of their international distributors.


Hidden beauty in a bottle- The Face Shop BK901

*Purchased By Me

Hey lovelies! A quick post before I head back to doing more school work! ): If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you may have seen me post a picture of this gorgeous base I used for my manicure(you’ll see this post on Monday ^^). Also, I’ve been working on stud earrings for the shop, Little Rain Designs, which will go up soon! (P.S: I’ll be taking pre-orders for the Halloween collection, so watch this space! Stocks will be limited!)

Okay on to the nails I have! Here’s The Face Shop BK901.


I picked this baby up when I popped into The Face Shop awhile back, and I fell in love once I picked up this bottle. I didn’t manage to capture it here but it flashes purple, blue, red, green…all at the same time. I would like to add that a search mentioned this was a holo shimmer polish, but to me it was more of…duochrome/multichrome shimmer?


I tried desperately to capture the beauty happening on my nails. Once applied, the black does take dominance over the shimmer, with only some purple glinting through if you look hard enough in the shade. Outdoors or under light, the flashes of shimmer start to play. Of course my iphone camera wasn’t playing nice…but if you look in the photos hard enough, you can see what I mean…yes? ><

I used 2 coats for application, no issue with formula here!


I honestly could stare at my nails all day!


I had this on for probably 5 days, and I could see some minor tip wear after 3 days(photos to come). Of course, black polishes tend to wear quicker; and I was also doing all the normal daily work/chores so… it held up pretty well I guess! (: There was also the tough part of leaving my entire mani on longer cause I had the urge to remove it… hehe.


I actually find that The Face Shop is starting to have more interesting polishes, which is a good thing cause they are much more affordable(SGD$5.90), and quite unique too! 😀


31DC2013: Day 17

Hey there! Today being day 17 of the 31DC2013, it’s time for Glitter nails! 🙂 Since I have already done a glitter gradient, I thought it would be fun to do a mani with glitters of different shapes and sizes. So I went through my small polish stash and found four glitter polishes that could work together. They are Orly Embrace (index), Faceshop SL211 (accent), Funky Fingers Mermaid Lagoon (pinkie). Unfortunately, I don’t know the brand of the polish on my middle finger as I got it from a nail swap and there is no brand name on the bottle. However, it does state the name of the polish which is Blueberry Swirl! 🙂 I used topshop airplane as my base colour. After adding the glitters, I finished off with matte top coat from etude house and this is the finished look!



Hope you liked it!

Till next time, Bethanie

31DC2013: day 10- glitter gradient :)

Hey all 🙂 It is day 10 of the 31DC2013 and the theme today is Gradient Nails!! It is the last day of the colours category and I wanted to do a gradient with some glitters, cos who doesn’t love glitter?! Then I saw my three recently purchased face shop polishes and thought why not? 😛

All three are from their Yogurt Nails collection and they are Vanilla Sugar Yogurt, Lemon Candy Yogurt and Apple Mint Yogurt. Vanilla Sugar yogurt is this milky white jelly with big and small hexagons. The hexagons come in various colours such as green, blue, red and yellow. As for the Lemon Candy yogurt, it is a pastel yellow jelly with green, orange and yellow hexagons. Lastly is Apple Mint yogurt, a pastel bluish jelly with pale pink and green hexagons.

Overall, I am not a huge fan as the formula is pretty bad (chunky :/) . If you apply a thin coat, it gets streaky and if you apply a thick coat, it gets hard to spread the hexagons out evenly and smoothly. On the bright side, after all the trouble, you are left with a super cute look! 😛

For my gradient, I started off with Vanilla Sugar then to Apple Mint and finished off with Lemon Candy and this is the final look with top coat…

Image                    Image  Image

Hope you liked it!

Till next time, Bethanie

OMD Challenge- Day 29: Inspired by Fashion

*Purchased By Me

Hey guys, quick post today as I’ll be meeting Bethanie today to pick up the remaining polishes for a nail mail swap + teach her how to make nail polish jewellery for our shop! (:

Okay initially I wanted to do quilt nails, inspired by the classic Chanel quilted bag which I *sigh* would love to own one day! That didn’t work out though! I picked up a Laura Ashley pamplet the other day when I was in town and decided to recreate the designs of the clothes on my nails. (: I really loved the end product and am proud of it hehe!



  • O.P.I My Vampire Is Buff
  • The Face Shop BL602
  • blue Uniball Signo gel pen
  • purple 0.28 Uniball Signo gel pen
  • white Uniball Signo gel pen
  • fuschia/pink pen from Franc Franc

I’ll just let the photos do the talking! I have a combined collage at the end of the clothing I was inspired by (: P.S: I was especially happy about the detail on my ring finger! My eyes were just exhausted at the end but I think it paid off (:












Check out the other manicures here!

xoxo, xinyu (:

OMD Challenge- Day 26: Favourite Holiday/Vacation

*Purchased By Me

Hey guys! While giving myself a mani yesterday, I realised that I did not have any nails done for OMD Challenge Day 31. D: So I won’t be able to end of this whole OMD Challenge which kinda sucks cause I can’t enter for the last day…but I guess I’ll do them just for a blog post in August! (:

On to today’s theme of favourite holiday/vacation. Mine was definitely going to Hokkaido, I loved the scenery and the weather! 😀 Instead of creating a Hokkaido scene, I decided to have some Japanese print inspired nails! Those who follow me on Instagram may have seen the video I posted about my nails cause I was so excited about them. ^^ Let me just apologize for photo spam in advance.


I started with a skittle mani using The Face Shop GR504, The Face Shop BL602, butter LONDON Trout Pout and H&M Peppermint Fusion. I’ve used this base for my Skittle mani for the OMD Challenge wayyy wayy back! (: I then sponged H&M White onto all of my nails, and also The Face Shop GR501, a lighter blue on my blue nail.


I then used my gel pens to draw in all the details. I shall just let the pictures do the talking, and at the end there’s an individual finger shot with the paper I was inspired by. I would like to add that the paper was also purchased by me, but I have forgotten exactly where I got it. It’s actually for folding origami, but I use it to write letters (:





japaneseprintscollage Individual hand shot + inspiration

Wow that was a lot of photos! I didn’t want to remove this mani when I was done! (⌒▽⌒)☆ Anyways check out the other lovely creations here!

xoxo, xinyu

OMD Challenge- Day 22: Animal Themed

*Purchased By Me

Hey everyone! A quick post before I get ready for my dental appointment…just doing a regular check up of the teeth haha! The funny thing about dentists…I know that many people dislike going to the dentist for some reason, but somehow when I was young I was pretty much okay with it. My primary school had an in-built dental clinic and they would call you in according to class register. I guess I was alright cause the dentists always liked my teeth. By the way, my brother told me to be wary when they said that as they want to extract your teeth LOL. I think he must have had a bad experience…

Anyways I digress. Here’s my mani for today’s theme! It’s one from the vaults, so apologies for bad photos etc. I guess you guys can see the difference in how I photograph my nails! Here’s some Pusheen inspired nails :3


I think I used the same polish for this, The Face Shop GR501. The cats were drawn on using nail art pens from Etude and Face Shop.

misc 001edit


OMG Look at that application. Haha. I can see bald streaks(which didn’t turn up IRL then) but ah wells~

I drew the Pusheens on this hand entirely by myself. (:

misc 003edit Cinderella hand~

I obviously liked my right hand a lot more. Even when I had my old nail biting habits, my right hand would be kept pretty. Hmm.

This hand was actually painted by my mum, as well as the cat on the thumb. The cat’s face on my ring finger was painted by my brother I think! I recall instructing them how to use the nail art pen etc hehe. 😀

misc 004edit

This is the only mani out of the whole 31 days OMD Challenge which I have for you guys!


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xoxo, xinyu