Contact & Disclosure

For any questions about this blog, suggestions, or if you would like for your product to be reviewed, please contact Xin Yu (here).

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by us. Lacquered by bluevanilla does accept products for review from companies and public relations representatives. All reviews are our honest opinion as our commitment is to readers. Any compensation received from sponsors will never influence the content, topics or posts made in this blog.

Please also note that our content may not used for profit, and you may not alter our photos in any way. This is not negotiable. Editing another person’s pictures for your own use or removing their watermark is unacceptable behavior and we will follow through with any violators. Having said that, it’s acceptable to use our photos when necessary as long as you include a link back to this blog.


Disclosure Buttons

According to the most recent FTC guidelines, Lacquered by bluevanilla must disclose important information about products used in each post. Please refer to the definitions below for more information on each disclosure button. Some buttons may occur in conjunction if multiple items are used in the post.

*Affiliate Links: This button indicates that the post contains an affiliate link. Purchases made via affiliate links provide small commissions to me but do not affect the purchaser’s end of the transaction.

*Press Sample: This indicates that a product was provided by the company or a public relations representative for review purposes. Our commitment is to honesty, and because of this, products sent for review consideration do not influence the content written on this blog.

*Purchased By Me: This indicates that products used in the post were purchased by me.

*Sponsored Post: This indicates that the post is sponsored. Lacquered by bluevanilla only accepts sponsored posts with content that is in line with this blog and its beliefs.




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