Peaceful Moons

Hey everyone! I am finally back with a post 🙂 I decided to continue on with the 31dc2013 even though I am a few months late, but its better late than never right? Haha!

Well the theme for Day 18 was Half Moons and I decided to try out some Watercolour Nails. I found out about this method when Chalkboard Nails did it for Day 7 of the challenge and I loved the effect! To me it felt like a mystical and enthralling spell…

The tutorial can be found on Beautygeeks and after watching it, this is what I came up with!

Image     Image

I only used two colours for this look: Topshop Airplane and Zoya Kimber. I specifically chose this two as they blended well together to give the effect of peaceful waters.


Hope you liked it!

Till next time,



31DC2013: Day 17

Hey there! Today being day 17 of the 31DC2013, it’s time for Glitter nails! 🙂 Since I have already done a glitter gradient, I thought it would be fun to do a mani with glitters of different shapes and sizes. So I went through my small polish stash and found four glitter polishes that could work together. They are Orly Embrace (index), Faceshop SL211 (accent), Funky Fingers Mermaid Lagoon (pinkie). Unfortunately, I don’t know the brand of the polish on my middle finger as I got it from a nail swap and there is no brand name on the bottle. However, it does state the name of the polish which is Blueberry Swirl! 🙂 I used topshop airplane as my base colour. After adding the glitters, I finished off with matte top coat from etude house and this is the finished look!



Hope you liked it!

Till next time, Bethanie

31DC2013: Day 16- Tribal Print

Hey everyone! It is Day 16 of the 31DC2013 which means we are officially in the second half of the challenge. 😀 Today’s theme is Tribal Print and this is actually the first time I am attempting this theme, so pretty stoked. 🙂

I have seen some tribal mani that had different coloured bases and the patterns were done in black. I decided to alternate the colours so I used my sasatinnie black polish as a base and then applied my matte top coat from etude house (Help my finger collection!)

Right at the bottom of each nail, I placed one dot of Zoya America and the other dots were done using Zoya Kimber. The gold lines were drawn using my uniball signo pen. Using a toothpick, I drew the blue lines for my index, middle and pinkie fingers. The blue polish is also from sasatinnie. For my accent nail, I mixed Zoya America and OPI ski teal we drop to get a gorgeous dark purple, which I used to draw the lines. This is the finished look!

IMG_6719    IMG_6718



Hope you liked it!

Till next time, Bethanie

31DC2013: Day 15

Hola! Today is day 15 of the 31DC2013 by Chalkboard Nails and the theme is Delicate Print. To be honest, I was a bit clueless about the theme so I went to look at some designs previously done. That was when I came across this mani done by the blogger thenailasaurus and I fell in love!

  ❤ ❤ ❤

She actually used a stamping plate for the design but since I don’t have any, I decided to draw the design using my black 0.38 uniball signo pen instead. As for polishes, I used two coats of opi chocolate moose on my index, middle and pinkie fingers. For my accent nail, it has one coat of opi wooden shoe like to know. This is the final look 🙂

Image      Image

Hope you liked it!
Till next time, Bethanie

31DC2013: Day 14- Flowers~~

Hi! Today is officially day 14 of the 31DC2013 and the theme is Flowers 😀 This was one of the themes that I was really looking forward to, so I immediately knew the design I wanted to do!

My mani is based on one of my rings for our shop, Little Rain Designs, as seen below.


I applied one coat of my black polish from sasa first and then dotted OPI Miami Beet for the base of the flowers. For the details of the flowers, I used OPI if you moust you moust and this is the final look!

Image          IMG_6667


Hope you liked it!

Till next time, Bethanie

31DC2013: Day 13-Animal Print

Hello there! Sorry for not posting yesterday as I out doing my project :/ For day 13 of the 31DC2013, the theme was Animal Print. At first I was planning to use my leopard print mani but after some thought, I decided to switch to a nemo fish print instead!

My mani was based on this picture, which is available on this website.


For this look, I used Zoya Thandie as my base colour and the white polish is from the brand sasatinnie. (which I purchased at sasa!) I then drew in the black lines with my 0.38 uniball signo pen.

This is the finished look!

IMG_6673     IMG_6672


Hope you liked it!

Till next time, Bethanie

31DC2013: day 12- Stripes

Hi there! It is day 12 of the 31DC2013 and the theme is Stripes! Due to lack of time, I just did a super easy but cute look with two of my Rubi polishes. They are Teenage Dream and Its getting hot in here. Teenage Dream is a playful mint green while Its getting hot in here is a lovely berry pink.

The stripes were done with a toothpick and I just love how the colours pop 😛 It will be a great mani for a fun outing such as girls night out!

IMG_6651     IMG_6653

Hope you gals liked it!

Till next time, Bethanie

31DC2013: Day 11- Polka dots

Hi there 🙂 It is day 11 of the 31DC2013 and the theme is Polka Dots! I wanted to do a mani for the #showusyourheart contest on instagram by ethereal_lacquer and mrslochness and I thought this would be a good opportunity to combine both themes into one look. (Btw my entry for the contest will be on our instagram!)

I alternated with OPI’s Feeling Hot-Hot-Hot and A Grape Fit for both the bases and dots. As for the hearts, I dotted them with Zoya America and this is the finished look! 🙂

Image      Image

Hope you liked it!

Till next time, Bethanie

31DC2013: day 10- glitter gradient :)

Hey all 🙂 It is day 10 of the 31DC2013 and the theme today is Gradient Nails!! It is the last day of the colours category and I wanted to do a gradient with some glitters, cos who doesn’t love glitter?! Then I saw my three recently purchased face shop polishes and thought why not? 😛

All three are from their Yogurt Nails collection and they are Vanilla Sugar Yogurt, Lemon Candy Yogurt and Apple Mint Yogurt. Vanilla Sugar yogurt is this milky white jelly with big and small hexagons. The hexagons come in various colours such as green, blue, red and yellow. As for the Lemon Candy yogurt, it is a pastel yellow jelly with green, orange and yellow hexagons. Lastly is Apple Mint yogurt, a pastel bluish jelly with pale pink and green hexagons.

Overall, I am not a huge fan as the formula is pretty bad (chunky :/) . If you apply a thin coat, it gets streaky and if you apply a thick coat, it gets hard to spread the hexagons out evenly and smoothly. On the bright side, after all the trouble, you are left with a super cute look! 😛

For my gradient, I started off with Vanilla Sugar then to Apple Mint and finished off with Lemon Candy and this is the final look with top coat…

Image                    Image  Image

Hope you liked it!

Till next time, Bethanie

31DC2013: day 9-Rainbow Nails!!!

Hi everyone 🙂 Day 9 of the 31DC2013 means that it’s time for some Rainbow Nails! When I read the theme, I immediately knew I wanted to do a rainbow cake mani so I went in search of some pretty pictures as inspiration. Among the many, I found this picture by AnisBakery super cute and easy to recreate on nails, so here it is! You can also check out the picture on the original website here 🙂

I tried to recreate this image on my middle finger but somehow it ended up looking not like a slice of cake (sorry about that!) :/ As for my index finger, I did some slices of cake and filled the rest with rainbow coloured polka dots. For my ring finger, it has swirls and my pinkie has lines of the different colours of the rainbow 😀

This is my rainbow nails!!

       Image         Image

Polishes used:

Base colour- OPI if you moust you moust

Red- Zoya America

Orange, yellow and white- purchased from sasa

Blue- Topshop Airplane

Green- Couleur Inc, Grus 106

Violet- OPI dutch ya just love opi


Hope you liked it!

Till next time, Bethanie