Black x Neon

*Purchased By Me

Hey everyone, happy hump day! Today I have short post featuring a manicure done using Born Pretty Store studs.


So I did these nails for Saturday as I went to Zouk for the first time, which is a rather popular club in Singapore, especially among the teenagers.

I used a base of The Face Shop BK901, a gorgeous black polish with duochrome shimmer — although I’ve recently spotted some flashes of fuschia/red aside from the usual purple to blue, so I’m not really sure what to call it anymore! The studs are from the Born Pretty Store and I purchased the full wheel of neon nail art studs. It comes with a variety of colours and you can check it out here.



I chose the less bright colours for the studs this time round, as I wanted it to sort of match my dress which I wore that night, which was white with black geometric triangles and patterns. This is also why I did my ring finger and thumb nail in a triangular and v-shape respectively with the studs. (:


I’ve heard that the studs glow under UV light, but I unfortunately couldn’t put them to the test! ): I have a feeling the brighter colours would glow better under the light though!



Femme Fatale Cosmetics- Winter Hyacinth

*Purchased By Me

Hey dears! Today I have a swatch/NOTD with Femme Fatale Cosmetics Winter Hyacinth!(: I wore this manicure a week back, and I loved it so much! ^^


Here I have it paired with Lacquer Lust Sky’s The Limit along with studs from the Born Pretty Store.

Winter Hyacinth is described as “a soft teal creme polish with white diamonds and hexes, as well as fuchsia and rose hexes both in metallic and holographic finishes”. I’ve swatched 1(or 2, I can’t remember! :/) over China Glaze For Audrey. (:


It applied like a dream and I could not stop staring at it the whole day! I honestly did not know there were white hexes(they looked translucent on the nail) in the bottle, so when I got them out on my nail, I squealed. :3

No dabbing for glitters was needed, though I did suspend my bottle upside down on the table as the white diamonds were at the bottom. I could get them out with ease afterwards. (:


Winter Hyacinth was really tricky to photograph! Love me some blue polishes though, they just look right on my skin. (:

I’m so glad I received this polish- it was part of my anniversary gift from the bf hehe! ^^ Of course we sat down together to pick the polishes, and it was a tough time narrowing down the list to just 5 bottles.

IMG_5636 Cinderella hand makes an appearance! (:

Femme Fatale Cosmetics can be purchased from the Femme Fatale Cosmetics site. Please note that they only ship within Australia, but I think it’s being revised soon! Visit here for a list of international stockists (:


Jinx & Ribbons

*Purchased By Me

Hey everyone! Apologies for the late post, my mum suddenly said she wanted to go out so we went to get gifts! It was rather fun, and somehow I feel happy when I purchase things, even if it is not for me! Does anyone feel that way too? ^^

Anyways today was supposed to be another Tuesday Talk episode but I didn’t have anything prepared! D: So sorry…but I do have a simple mani for you guys today. (:



I actually posted a black and white version of this on IG yesterday, as a sneak peek. Today it is revealed.~

My Born Pretty Store goodies arrived yesterday(quite funny considering how I posted that I was still waiting for it…) and of course I couldn’t resist using what I purchased! ^^

I decided to go with a simple design using O.P.I Jinx. I’m in love with this colour, you can check out my swatch and review here if you missed it!

Honestly I was thinking of doing this design in a more subtle colour, but my hand just strayed to Jinx.



I then added a foil metal sticker onto my ring finger as an accent. I just used a drop of top coat to hold the ribbon and then 3-4 thick layers of Seche Vite to seal it in.

The foil metal stickers are quite hard and not bendable, so they do stick off slightly on my nails…and I don’t really have very curved nail beds! I didn’t mind though, just took care to adhere the sticker tighter to my nail and seal it in properly. No harm in having more layers of top coat! ^^

Also, this is day 2 of my mani and I’m trying to see if I can keep it till Sunday. I’ve been washing the dishes and all and the metal sticker is still on properly. It doesn’t really snag when I’m bathing, but I do check occasionally to see if the ribbon is intact once in awhile.

I do like this design, simple yet the lovely sparkle of Jinx has enough eye-dazzle to do the work of having a lovely mani. Perfect for those who want something simple yet elegant on their nails.



If you want to purchase from the Born Pretty Store, there is a link at the side of the blog for you. Do note that it is an affiliate link. You can also use the coupon code GPL91 for 10% off storewide. (:


♥, xinyu


*I was not paid by the Born Pretty Store to do a review, and all items are purchased by me. More information is stated in the Contact & Disclosure page on the blog.