Face of Australia- Ferris Wheel

*Purchased By Me

TGIF! We’re down to the last bottle from the 3 FoA polishes I have from the Carnivale Collection ): Nonetheless, this last bottle is as stunning as the first two (:

[P.S: I found out that today is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and I actually wanted to post something related to that, but boo~ the polish isn’t swatched yet ):]

Anyways~ Today I have Face of Australia- Ferris Wheel for you guys. ^^ I initally saw this over at SoNailicious’ blog and went- I need this. I also actually wanted Bird of Paradise too, but I resisted…and maybe, just maybe, I’m regretting that decision a teeny bit.



Ferris Wheel is a gorgeous textured blue-green polish with silver hex glitters.


It’s actually possible for it to be opaque in one coat, however I did 2 coats for some nails for even coverage.

I looove the shine.



No issues with formula and application here. The polish is a little thick, but careful application of thinner coats will suffice. (:

Here is Ferris Wheel with top coat on the middle and ring fingers.


Helloooo gorgeous!

Top coat darkens it slightly and of course, provides that smooth glassy finish. I love it both ways.



I requested my mum to purchase this for me as I really wanted a blue textured polish which did not stain. Of course perhaps my wear time wasn’t as long(I only wore this for close to 15 minutes or less for swatching), but there was no apparent staining which is good, especially since I’ve heard of polishes which stained your nails after a few minutes, ugh.

Ferris Wheel, like Masquerade, fills a lovely gap for me in my stash (: No regrets for purchasing it.



Face of Australia- Masquerade

*Purchased By Me

Happy Wednesday my dears! Continuing with the 3 gorgeous polishes from Face of Australia’s Carnivale Collection, today I have a simply beautiful, glittery purple goodness known as Masquerade for you. (:

DSC_0025 copy


Masquerade is a beautiful deep purple textured polish, with small silver and purple hex glitters. I used 2 coats without any issue with formula and application.



I love how it flashes at different angles…I can never get tired of seeing it on my nails! 😀


I actually wanted Masquerade as I missed out on the opportunity to get Zoya Carter from the Fall PixieDust Collection ): This polish thus comes close to filling my gap in my stash for a purple textured polish!


The feeling of the texture is rather pleasant(of course this could be just me as I love textured polishes! ^^) and will not snag on any clothing.

The last two pictures show Masquerade with top coat on the middle and ring fingers.



Top coat does appear to darken the polish even more, although that could be my own imagination! Regardless, I love it all the same. (:

As it is near impossible for me to get my hands on Zoya Carter, Masquerade is a great alternative for me, and is beautiful in her own way. (:


Face of Australia- Midnight Fireworks

*Purchased By Me

Hey dearies! My finals are officially over so I’ve been spending the time swatching in preparation to get our blog back on a regular blogging schedule! Today, I have a polish from Face of Australia’s Carnivale Collection for you guys.



Face of Australia  is one of Australia’s leading cosmetic brands, and I requested my mum to bring back three of their polishes from their recent Carnivale Collection when she was on holiday in Melbourne. This collection consists of 8 textured polishes, and today, I have a swatch and review of Midnight Fireworks. :3




Midnight Fireworks is a gorgeous golden textured polish, infused with silver glitters that sparkle at every angle. There also appears to be a beautiful shimmer running throughout the polish. Yum. Reminds me of sunlight glinting off a sandy beach.

Also, if you clicky-click this link here, I do agree that this polish fits its name well! It does give off a golden sparkler vibe.



I had no issue with formula and application, this is 2 coats, sans top coat (it is a textured polish afterall) (:

The second coat was only needed to even out some patchy areas on certain nails when applied. The texture is nice to the touch, and I think it’s good enough to hold its own with Zoya PixieDusts and OPI Liquid Sands! ^^



This shade did turn out darker on me as compared to swatch photos I’ve seen online, but I still like the look of it and think it’s a great alternative to O.P.I Honey Ryder from the Bond Girls Collection. (I don’t own the OPI version, so unfortunately I’m not able to make a comparison post) Not to mention that the price difference is almost half! 

I also tried applying top coat to my middle and ring fingers to see if there was any difference.




As you can see, there isn’t much of a difference as the original textured polish had plenty of shimmer within it. Top coat did appear to darken the colour slightly, but that was the only thing I could tell between the two.

I can’t wait to do some beach inspired nails with this polish. 😀

Do you guys own any Face of Australia polishes?