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Hey lovelies, Happy Tuesday! (:

Quick post today- this manicure was done quite sometime back but somehow I never posted it, so here’s its time to shine on the blog today. It’s a simple manicure really, done using Docile polishes, namely D217 & D218 as well as a black Uniball Signo gel pen.


I did the leopard print as an accent french tip(sort of french tip, considering I didn’t really leave it as a naked nail) using my gel pen over Docile 218, a gorgeous shimmery silver. The other nails were done using Docile 217, an almost gunmetal silver-grey polish.

All nails were around 2-3 coats if I recall correctly, and absolutely shimmered under the light. These photos were taken late at night as that was when I was doing my swatching…





Nailspiration: Rainbow Dot Nails

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Hey loves, so I was browsing through the innumerable polish blogs which I follow via bloglovin’ and came across this post by Emma of Manicurity and I immediately knew I wanted to recreate it on my nails!


So this is the look I did…I wanted a pearl base instead of stark white(and partially cause the pearl coloured polish was nearer to me, on my desk 😛 hehe.) so I went with Docile D207 instead! I used my gel pens to dot everything else. (:




*cringes internally* My photos turned out looking soft and out of focus…ugh please forgive me. It was one of those days where the camera refused to focus on my nails ):

I’m glad I found another pearl coloured polish as my previous one started turning streaky(it was a cheap brand). Pearl coloured polishes make me feel very bridal/feminine/classy hehe! ^^ Do any of you guys feel the same way?


National Day Manicure

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Hello dears! Well, the 9th of August, today, is Singapore’s 48th National Day, so I’ve done some nail art to commemorate this date! Honestly as one grows older one feels less patriotic- I haven’t even heard the national day theme song + feel any sense of pride…:/ But somehow I figure when I see Lee Kuan Yew on the screen or what I’ll feel happiness and patriotism overwhelming in me haha! Regardless, it’s a long weekend for everyone, hooray! 😀

On to the manicure!


I used Zoya Miranda and O.P.I Solitaire to create this look, and added some silver and pastel pink star glitters to my nail. This part was actually inspired by a cake design I saw in the Life! newspaper a few days ago! ^^

On my middle finger I did a sort of gradient(?) with the two textured polishes to sort of represent the colours of our national flag, red and white, and added Winmax Nail Brights 122, a lovely holographic + blue glitter polish which I purchased from Daiso. I think the glitter gave the nail more oomph! 😀

I then drew a “48” on my ring finger using my red Uniball Signo gel pen. 




I actually quite liked the end product! If I was going to be ultra patriotic on that day, I would probably wear this manicure out hehe! ^^ It feels very fun yet classy to me!

What do you guys think? (:


OMD Challenge- Day 30: Favourite Comic Book(or Character)

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Hey everyone! :O It’s the second last day of the OMD Challenge?! :O Shocker, time flies by way too quickly! I was considering painting false nails for the last day of the OMD Challenge, but I’m not sure whether it would be considered as an entry! Anyways, on to the manicure. I was (and still am) a huge fan of manga. Secondary school days were spent reading Furuba or Fruits Basket, which tells the story of Tohru Honda, an orphan girl who, after meeting Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure Sohma, learns that thirteen members of the Sohma family are possessed by the animals of the Chinese zodiac and are cursed to turn into their animal forms when they are weak, stressed, or when they are embraced by anyone of the opposite sex that is not possessed by a zodiacal spirit. In the anime it is possible to transform through torso contact.

I got that from Wikipedia hehe but yeah! My favourite character is Kyo cause not only is he ultra good looking in the manga, but he also represents the cat in the zodiac, which did not make it to be part of the 12. (Why is the zodiac so mean ):< haha)

I decided to feature all four of them, Tohru, Yuki, Kyo and Shigure in their ‘animal’ form on my nails. Tohru is often depicted as a rice ball/onigiri hehe. ^^


I was inspired by various photos, so I can’t remember the real source! So sorry (シ_ _)シ

I used a base of O.P.I My Vampire Is Buff (no surprises there!) and did everything else using my various gel pens.


L>R: Kyo, Tohru, Yuki and Shigure.

Poor Shigure’s animal form is kinda squashed against the side, whoops! :/



This manga series is really touching cause Tohru is such a strong child, and she’s so accepting of others! I think I have learnt a lot from reading the books hehe!

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xoxo, xinyu (:

OMD Challenge- Day 29: Inspired by Fashion

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Hey guys, quick post today as I’ll be meeting Bethanie today to pick up the remaining polishes for a nail mail swap + teach her how to make nail polish jewellery for our shop! (:

Okay initially I wanted to do quilt nails, inspired by the classic Chanel quilted bag which I *sigh* would love to own one day! That didn’t work out though! I picked up a Laura Ashley pamplet the other day when I was in town and decided to recreate the designs of the clothes on my nails. (: I really loved the end product and am proud of it hehe!



  • O.P.I My Vampire Is Buff
  • The Face Shop BL602
  • blue Uniball Signo gel pen
  • purple 0.28 Uniball Signo gel pen
  • white Uniball Signo gel pen
  • fuschia/pink pen from Franc Franc

I’ll just let the photos do the talking! I have a combined collage at the end of the clothing I was inspired by (: P.S: I was especially happy about the detail on my ring finger! My eyes were just exhausted at the end but I think it paid off (:












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xoxo, xinyu (:

OMD Challenge- Day 28: Inspired by a TV Show

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Hey everyone! A late post from me today as I’ve just came back not long ago from lunch with my cell group! (: Anyways I’m just going to jump straight into the manicure cause there’s nothing much to talk about today, other than the weather here just swinging from hot to cold! Haha!

I initially wanted to do Phineas and Ferb nails for today but somehow never found the time to sit down and paint their pet platypus on my nails! :/ So I decided to go with some Beauty and The Geek inspired nails. This show is basically a social experiment bringing people who have gone through life relying on their looks(beauties) and those relying on intellect(geeks). It’s quite cool and hilarious really, and it’s really sweet to see the transformation of both beauties and geeks, as well as forming friendships/relationships. (: Although sometimes it’s really hilarious cause the beauties are completely clueless about multiplication tables but they are the foremost in fashion!


I only have two photos for you guys today and they aren’t the best of quality..:S so sorry! But basically the heart-shaped necklace on the index nail represents the beauties, cause they doll themselves up etc, and the pinky is Einstein’s formula, and represents the geeks in general. The remaining nails are just half of a heart, as well as question marks to depict the possibility of relationships forming.

Of course, pink for the beauties hehe.



  • O.P.I Pussy Galore
  • Revlon Black Lingerie
  • fuschia/pink gel pen from Franc Franc
  • silver Uniball Signo gel pen

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xoxo, xinyu

OMD Challenge- Day 27: Jewellery

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Hey guys, it’s Day 27 of the OMD Challenge! On a not so nail related note…I went to search the difference between ‘jewelry’ and ‘jewellery’…turns out ‘jewelry’ is a US spelling and the latter UK, which means I should be spelling it as ‘jewellery’ as Singapore follows British English!

Okay enough about that haha! I had a couple of ideas floating in my head, such as sticking gemstones on my nails, drawing gemstones, going by colour inspiration or detailing out various jewellery pieces. In the end I decided to have Tiffany & Co. inspired nails. I really love that Tiffany blue box sigh! This brand to me is the epitome of the jewellery world, they have such classic pieces! I did these nails based entirely on their Art Deco jewellery, as the period I did these nails, The Great Gatsby was very popular and I loved the pieces created for the show! Unfortunately I didn’t watch the movie, but there’s always the book (:


I started with a base of China Glaze For Audrey, apt for my Tiffany & Co. inspired manicure. (:


I did the nails according to various photos based on Tiffany & Co.’s box and their various jewellery pieces. My index finger was supposed to emulate the headband Daisy wore in The Great Gatsby but my silver gel pen was a little bit too thick so I did not manage to achieve the sleek lines I wanted.


Other than the base colour, I used my black, white and silver gel pens for this look.


Blue and silver are really classy! I may have it for my wedding manicure in the future hehe.

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xoxo, xinyu

OMD Challenge- Day 26: Favourite Holiday/Vacation

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Hey guys! While giving myself a mani yesterday, I realised that I did not have any nails done for OMD Challenge Day 31. D: So I won’t be able to end of this whole OMD Challenge which kinda sucks cause I can’t enter for the last day…but I guess I’ll do them just for a blog post in August! (:

On to today’s theme of favourite holiday/vacation. Mine was definitely going to Hokkaido, I loved the scenery and the weather! 😀 Instead of creating a Hokkaido scene, I decided to have some Japanese print inspired nails! Those who follow me on Instagram may have seen the video I posted about my nails cause I was so excited about them. ^^ Let me just apologize for photo spam in advance.


I started with a skittle mani using The Face Shop GR504, The Face Shop BL602, butter LONDON Trout Pout and H&M Peppermint Fusion. I’ve used this base for my Skittle mani for the OMD Challenge wayyy wayy back! (: I then sponged H&M White onto all of my nails, and also The Face Shop GR501, a lighter blue on my blue nail.


I then used my gel pens to draw in all the details. I shall just let the pictures do the talking, and at the end there’s an individual finger shot with the paper I was inspired by. I would like to add that the paper was also purchased by me, but I have forgotten exactly where I got it. It’s actually for folding origami, but I use it to write letters (:





japaneseprintscollage Individual hand shot + inspiration

Wow that was a lot of photos! I didn’t want to remove this mani when I was done! (⌒▽⌒)☆ Anyways check out the other lovely creations here!

xoxo, xinyu

OMD Challenge- Day 25: Inspired by a Movie

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Hey everyone, and welcome to new followers! ^^ I always get excited when I see new followers, it makes me go- “oh my gosh, really, someone is reading my blog?!” (:

We’re down to Day 25 of the OMD Challenge, and I’ve had fun creating and seeing all the other manicures! ^^ It really scares me how time flies, as it feels that yesterday was only Day 1 :O I will also start university soon…so this blog will have some changes but I’ll update all of you at the start of August ❤

Inspired by a movie…of course it had to be Despicable Me nails! I love that show hehe!

image [source]

I really really loved that unicorn.


I started with a base of O.P.I My Vampire Is Buff, as usual. (: I drew everything else using gel pens, except for the yellow minion, which base colour was done in acrylic paint as I don’t own yellow polishes.

The minion was inspired by this photo. The middle finger was supposed to be a silhouette of Gru, inspired by this image but it didn’t turn out as I had planned.

Lastly, the beloved unicorn!!~ *sparkles and neighs* I tried to recreate it’s fluffiness as well as do some shading with gel pens using a mix of dabbing black and white and blending on the spot…hope you guys understand what I mean! ^^

Here’s some more photos, as Despicable Me deserves more photo spam (;




I was obviously quite happy that I had managed to recreate the characters of Despicable Me on my nails.

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xoxo, xinyu