Black x Neon

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Hey everyone, happy hump day! Today I have short post featuring a manicure done using Born Pretty Store studs.


So I did these nails for Saturday as I went to Zouk for the first time, which is a rather popular club in Singapore, especially among the teenagers.

I used a base of The Face Shop BK901, a gorgeous black polish with duochrome shimmer — although I’ve recently spotted some flashes of fuschia/red aside from the usual purple to blue, so I’m not really sure what to call it anymore! The studs are from the Born Pretty Store and I purchased the full wheel of neon nail art studs. It comes with a variety of colours and you can check it out here.



I chose the less bright colours for the studs this time round, as I wanted it to sort of match my dress which I wore that night, which was white with black geometric triangles and patterns. This is also why I did my ring finger and thumb nail in a triangular and v-shape respectively with the studs. (:


I’ve heard that the studs glow under UV light, but I unfortunately couldn’t put them to the test! ): I have a feeling the brighter colours would glow better under the light though!



Tuesday Tutorials: tulip nails

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Hey everyone~ Wow okay the first thing I realised when I logged into WordPress was that the outlook of the dashboard changed! :O Even though nothing much has been moved, I’m still trying to get used to it. 😛 Anyone feeling the same?

Today’s tutorial is on creating tulip nails.


This pattern is actually inspired by a Japanese nail salon design, called atelier + LIM if I’m not wrong! Although they do everything in gels, some are able to be recreated with normal polish. Here‘s their website, although it’s entirely in Japanese.


On to the tulip design! (:


As always, apply a base coat to your natural nail. You definitely do not want any possible staining!


Here I’ve used Essence Nude Glam 01 Hazelnut Cream Pie as I wanted a more neutral look. You could also choose to have semi-naked nails and therefore skip this step!


I usually outline using a gel pen as it helps make my lines more accurate. I used a white uniball Signo gel pen in order to achieve this.


The tulip’s stem/base basically consists of geometric shapes. Its leaves are like two parallelograms/ rhombuses, while the stem is just a straight line. I went over a few times with my black uniball Signo 0.38 gel pen in order to achieve a bold look for emphasis.


This part is pretty self-explanatory! ^^ If you’re using a dotting tool, use the smaller end of it and slowly dot to create the outline of the flower. Then fill in with ease with the bigger end of a dotting tool. As previously mentioned, you could also use the back of a pencil/paintbrush/the flat end of a toothpick if you do not have a dotting tool.


I used a black and gold uniball Signo gel pen for the dots. You can choose any polish colour of your choice for the dots. (:

And that’s the finished look! Remember to top coat after waiting for awhile in order to seal in your design.


I guess this tutorial can be classified for beginner nail art? What do you guys think? (:


Tuesday Tutorial- some tribal/geometric doodles on nails



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Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday! (:

For those readers new to this blog, welcome!♥

So instead of a Tuesday Talk as I did for two weeks, today is a Tuesday Tutorial. This is my first time doing tutorials…so feedback is much appreciated.

I have some tribal/geometric doodle nails today, done on a swatch stick.


^combined collage.


This step is necessary as it protects your natural nail. Also protects from some element of staining, if any, if you use a darker base.


I used O.P.I My Vampire Is Buff as I wanted a more cream/neutral look as the base.

Please note: it is not as dark as the photo suggests, this photo was unfortunately taken late at night, and it gave the appearance of a darker, almost flesh tone.


I used a black Uniball Signo 0.38 gel pen for this step, as I find that with gel pens, it is easier to draw certain lines. It is also a really cheap and quick way to create lovely nails, as gel pens will not smudge with top coat.

More advanced polishaholics can use a striper, but then again, you wouldn’t need this tutorial as you would be more professional than I am! ^^


I used those gel pens as pictured above. I also tested out the ink on the paper shown. Sometimes, the ink may not run as smoothly so it is handy to have some paper around.


  • metallic purple/pink pen from Franc Franc
  • uniball signo 0.38 pen in silver
  • uniball signo 0.38 pen in black

Alternatively, you could use a toothpick/dotting tool to dot in polishes of your choice. (:


If you used gel pens, remember to wait awhile before applying top coat- you don’t want to risk ruining your design! (This is just to be on the safe side.)

And you have some random tribal/geometric nails!


What I like about gel pens is that if you’re bored in lecture/at work (just don’t get caught), this is a good way to pass time. ^^

Also, sorry about not placing the swatch stick closer to my cuticles, I had to cover up the polish on my index finger!

♥, xinyu