Ulta3 Over The Rainbow- Swatch & Review

*Purchased By Me

Hey everyone! Another week has flown by and it’s already Saturday :O Hope all of you have had a great week so far!

Today I have another polish which my mum brought back from her trip to Melbourne, Ulta3’s Over The Rainbow. I was on my hunt on the web looking for Australian drugstore brands and came across a swatch of this on More Nail Polish, which you can view here, and fell in love. :3 Without further ado, let’s jump into the swatches!



Over The Rainbow is basically multicoloured glitter suspended in a clear base. I wanted to be different and not showcase the glitter over black, so I went with a pearl base- I think this was Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl.

I did have a little bit of problem getting out a lot of glitter, but this could be due to me not suspending/giving the bottle a good shake before application. Other than that, I had no other problems.


I applied 2 thin coats.


I do love the look of it over the pearl base, and I think this polish is very versatile, but of course perhaps a darker base will really make it pop. This combination somehow reminds me of a circus…though I should have gone with a few more coats of glitter to really get a ‘confetti’, sparkly effect!


I think I need to try this in a jelly sandwich next time. My mum also purchased 2 bottles of Over The Rainbow for me, as the store she went to was having a buy 2 get 1 free promotion (or something similar) going on. I therefore have abundance of this glitter polish to spare, hehe! ^^



Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow

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Happy Thursday! Today I have another of my untrieds- well, it has been used, but for nail polish jewelry and not my nails heh- for you guys (:

This is The Face Shop Face It Colored Paper Nails in cmx322 Lovely Pop.



cmx322 Lovely Pop is basically loads of glitter suspended in a clear base, with red heart and square glitter, blue hex glitter, smaller yellow hex glitter, yellow hearts and white bar, star and hex glitter. I didn’t manage to get out any white stars for my swatch, but it can be seen in the bottle shot, hiding near the bottom!


For application, I simply suspended the bottle for a couple of minutes in order to get out the heart shapes. You have to be careful as the clear base can be slightly thick, but careful application does the trick. The white glitter did come out in abundance though, so I did some manual dabbing/shifting around on the nail, as well as wiping my brush against the side of the polish bottle.


This was 2 coats over a base of The Face Shop BK901, a gorgeous black polish with duochrome shimmer. Of course the shimmer was lost under all the glitter, but I picked it mainly for the black base and my standard black polish is almost finished. 😀


I really love this glitter polish, and I picked it up cause the primary colours reminded me of paintings done by Piet Mondrian, one of my favourite artists! A few of his works can be seen here.


I don’t think I would apply this glitter to all my nails though as it looks like there’s too much going on. Probably just for an accent nail(or two) (: Speaking of which, I have an idea for a new manicure which incorporates this polish! Stay tuned (; ~


Lucky 13 Lacquer- Stupid Starfish

Hey dears! It’s almost Friday!

Today I have a polish from Lucky 13 Lacquer, which is a US-based indie polish brand run by Kyoti, and I discovered her gorgeous polishes thanks to the swatches from Mishka of Accio Lacquer.

and today’s polish I have is none other than…


Stupid Starfish for your viewing pleasure.

Before we continue, I will like to apologize for that awful bubbling in my top coat. Sigh. ): Doesn’t do this gorgeous polish any justice at all.


Stupid Starfish has a clear base with a mix of pink stars and squares, purple hexes and squares, and greyish-green hexagons. This is two coats dabbed over Polished by KPT Plumeria and Molybdenum. Both of my undies were two coats, and they are thermals.



Obviously I went trigger happy at the transformation process. I was honestly quite surprised and how much I liked the look of Stupid Starfish over Molybdenum. Sort of has a much more, grunge feel?

IMG_7590 cold state.

Stupid Starfish did have a slightly goopy base for my bottle, but that was easily fixed by sparing application and wiping off the brush at the edge of the bottle. I also suspended my bottle for a few minutes in order to get out the stars. No other issues with this polish. (:


I purchased a mini sized bottle as I started to grow smart and purchase glitter polishes in smaller quantities. I never seem to be able to finish a full-sized glitter polish, especially it is meant for layering!

I’m also sad to say that I’ve never watched Spongebob Squarepants, which is the show this polish is inspired by(namely Patrick the Starfish.)

Nonetheless, this polish makes me go:


I do think it’s a unique mix of colours, and star and square shaped glitter? Yes please.

Update: Also, I can’t seem to find this polish anymore on the website, so I’m not sure if it has been discontinued ):


31DC2013: Day 17

Hey there! Today being day 17 of the 31DC2013, it’s time for Glitter nails! 🙂 Since I have already done a glitter gradient, I thought it would be fun to do a mani with glitters of different shapes and sizes. So I went through my small polish stash and found four glitter polishes that could work together. They are Orly Embrace (index), Faceshop SL211 (accent), Funky Fingers Mermaid Lagoon (pinkie). Unfortunately, I don’t know the brand of the polish on my middle finger as I got it from a nail swap and there is no brand name on the bottle. However, it does state the name of the polish which is Blueberry Swirl! 🙂 I used topshop airplane as my base colour. After adding the glitters, I finished off with matte top coat from etude house and this is the finished look!



Hope you liked it!

Till next time, Bethanie

31DC2013: day 10- glitter gradient :)

Hey all 🙂 It is day 10 of the 31DC2013 and the theme today is Gradient Nails!! It is the last day of the colours category and I wanted to do a gradient with some glitters, cos who doesn’t love glitter?! Then I saw my three recently purchased face shop polishes and thought why not? 😛

All three are from their Yogurt Nails collection and they are Vanilla Sugar Yogurt, Lemon Candy Yogurt and Apple Mint Yogurt. Vanilla Sugar yogurt is this milky white jelly with big and small hexagons. The hexagons come in various colours such as green, blue, red and yellow. As for the Lemon Candy yogurt, it is a pastel yellow jelly with green, orange and yellow hexagons. Lastly is Apple Mint yogurt, a pastel bluish jelly with pale pink and green hexagons.

Overall, I am not a huge fan as the formula is pretty bad (chunky :/) . If you apply a thin coat, it gets streaky and if you apply a thick coat, it gets hard to spread the hexagons out evenly and smoothly. On the bright side, after all the trouble, you are left with a super cute look! 😛

For my gradient, I started off with Vanilla Sugar then to Apple Mint and finished off with Lemon Candy and this is the final look with top coat…

Image                    Image  Image

Hope you liked it!

Till next time, Bethanie

31DC2013: Day 8

Hi everyone 🙂 Today is day 8 of the 31dc2013 by Chalkboard Nails and the theme is Metallic Nails. I wanted to do a simple but cute look so I chose two of my pink metallic polishes! They are OPI A Rose at Dawn.. Broke by Noon and Zoya Kimber.

I applied two coats of Zoya on both my index and ring fingers and the other two fingers have two coats of OPI. For a little sparkle, I applied a glitter polish purchased from the Faceshop (SL211) on the bottom half of my middle finger. As for my ring finger, I applied a coat of Faceshop’s PP404 first then pasted triangles on (sticky tape!) before applying the Zoya. Once it dried I removed the triangles, applied top coat and DONE!

This is the finished look 😀

Image   Image

Hope you liked it!

Till next time, Bethanie

Gloss ‘n Sparkle – Goodbye Sober Day

*Purchased By Me

Hello lovelies! As I was looking through my computer folders and editing photos, I came across this manicure which was left sitting on its own! I posted this manicure sometime back on Instagram, but I haven’t blogged about it yet! This was during my nail break on my cinderella hand and when I decided to trim all my nails!

Today I have swatches and review of Gloss ‘n Sparkle Goodbye Sober Day.


Goodbye Sober Day is “a crazy mix of vibrant matte and metallic colors in a clear base, yellow, pink, orange, blue, green, turquoise and fuchsia, black and white, with heaps of hexes, sprinklings of dot shaped glitters, including large black circles, and white diamonds.” It looks fantastic over a variety of colors; here I’ve swatched it over H&M Peppermint Fusion.


This polish has the case of the brush picking up so many glitters at the same time! I did try to strategically push the glitters around so the smaller ones(or similar colours) would not stick together. (: No other issues to report with this polish!

I used 2 coats, the second one to get some larger glitters out onto my nail where I deemed fit! (:


I love this combination! 😀


On my right hand I did an accent nail using Zoya Miranda. I think the red glitters in Goodbye Sober Day complement this lovely textured polish! ^^

Goodbye Sober Day can be purchased from Gloss ‘n Sparkle’s etsy store  which ships only within Australia, but international customers can obtain this via Shoppe Eclecticco and Llarowe(:


OMD Challenge- Day 19: Glitter

*Purchased By Me

Hey everyone! TGIF! So to kick off the end of the week, I have some glitter nails for you, because nothing screams ‘party’ as much as glitter does! ^^ Of course for me I’m just chilling at home for the weekend…except for tomorrow where I’ll be out with the bf. (:

Anyways, it’s quite funny how yesterday was a delicate theme and today seems like the opposite! ^^


Presenting Orly Go Deeper from the Flash Glam FX Collection. I had such a difficult time photographing this gorgeous polish…It is a teal blue base with blue, green and holographic glitter mixed in. I’ve read that this is the toned down teal version of Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe, and it does look that way after googling swatches online! (: Unfortunately I don’t own any DL…so I can’t do a proper comparison for you guys.


I would also like to mention that I had a horrendous time applying this glitter. The formula was a bit goopy in some areas and I had to make sure my application was even…so to get that look up there took time! I think it’s probably the bottle I got though, as I haven’t heard of any other bloggers with the same problem! Sigh (´∩`。)


Anyways I didn’t use a peel off base coat for this mani! Obviously I had a horrendous time taking everything off…but well live and learn.


I still love the look of this polish, though it’s honestly a bit overkill on the nails for a full manicure! ^^

Check out the other glitter-fied nails here!

xinyu (:

Gloss ‘n Sparkle Lead Paint- swatch and review♥

*Purchased By Me

Hey everyone, today I have my very first Gloss ‘n Sparkle polish to show you guys! I caved during the Aussie Indie Sale at Shoppe Eclecticco (which btw is still ongoing) but I managed to resist and only purchase one…but I’m feeling tempted to go purchase more! Help me. :/ I’d like to make a note that I also ordered(and received) 3 beauties from Mei Mei’s Signatures, which I will only be posting swatches and reviews of sometime in August due to the OMD Challenge in July by Brijit’s Digits, Eeeek! Nail Polish! and Craftynail! Speaking of which I have only half of the days done(not in order), so I need to seriously get down to some nail art.

P.S: I’m so sorry, I love this polish so much so…more photos will be shown of this beauty!

Presenting, Gloss ‘n Sparkle Lead Paint~♥♥


Firstly, I really struggled trying to get nice photos of Lead Paint. The gorgeousness of this polish was just not showing up on camera…I really need to build a lightbox soon! :/

Lead Paint is described as “a dark grey base reminiscent of a lead pencil with fine shimmer and large and small gunmetal grey hex glitter”, and yup, it is really the dark grey-going black shade on me. This polish is a lovely twist on the standard black nail.

IMG_4961 See those hexes? Love.

I did have a bit of application issue initially with this polish, as the hex glitters would be dragged along with the brush and end up sticking over my nail. Once I got the hang of it though, everything went smoothly.


I used two coats, around the thin-medium range, and got great coverage. I don’t think I would recommend having thick coats for this one, it is probably much easier to handle with more thin layers!


I love the fine shimmer running throughout this polish. Lead paint has never looked so…appetizing. Yum. :3

The brush of this polish was also easy to handle and it picked up the hex glitters very easily. No fishing around for any glitters!


*I had to round the corners of this photo as my (unpolished) thumb could be seen, apologies!

My verdict: very drool-worthy and was so worth my impulse purchase on Shoppe Eclecticco’s website! I’ve been craving to own some Gloss ‘n Sparkle polishes for a long while, and I honestly can’t wait till my mum goes to Australia so she can bring me back more of the lovely indies there! Now I just have to make a list…

♥, xinyu

Inspired: stained glass mani, part 1 and 2.

*Purchased by Me

Hey everyone!

Wow right now it’s kind of tough for me to blog as there is some major drilling going on at the house next door…Sigh my poor ears ): It’s really hard to concentrate on proper grammar and all! D:

Anyways I’ve did this mani quite awhile back, and I’ve actually achieved it a second time round! This is inspired by Shaina of Haute Lacquer, and this is the mani which inspired me! (:

First up is Part I of the mani which I did last week- the failed one.


I decided to try it over butter LONDON Nail Foundation, and then added in the lines using a black gel pen.

Honestly it was a pretty cool look on its own, kind of graphic.

But no- I wanted some bling.

IMG_4292 D:

Instead of using glitter polishes, I used just plain glitter. This was also my first time using plain ol’ glitter on my nail! They came in tiny circular containers, purchased from daiso, and I used top coat to act as glue.

THE GLITTERS GOT EVERYWHERE. (evidence as seen on my fingers)

I even put down paper beforehand but it did not work at all! ): Lesson learned.


On Monday I swatched again so I decided to tackle it once more. Here’s Part II:

IMG_4449 Decided to show some naked nail!

I did it over my base coat, unlike Shaina who went directly on her natural nail.

This design kind of matches my dining room table! ^^


I then used gel pens to fill in some colour and ended up with a more metallic look.


  • metallic purple/pink gel pen from Franc Franc
  • silver Uniball Signo gel pen 
  • gold Uniball Signo gel pen


It does look like stained glass in a way to me, and although the colours used may seem jarring, somehow to me they still mix well!

Really happy that my second try turned out better! It is true that some things look better on semi-naked nails!


♥, xinyu