Polish News: ILNP Holiday Collection pre-order

Hey dears! It’s the start of another weekend!! Hope your week has been going well so far (:

Anyways, just thought I’ll share this with all of you! The ILNP Holiday Collection is here and if I had money….I would be splurging my money on these babies without a second thought. *drools*. I shan’t keep you all from viewing these gorgeous creations, so on to the email I received this morning! 😀


Finally! It’s time!

The ILNP Holiday Collection is here and it’s nothing short of spectacular! This small but beautiful 3 polish collection is absolutely perfect for holiday fanatics like myself!

In the collection you’ll find two gorgeous and mega festive holographic polishes along with a jaw-dropping NEW Ultra Chrome!

Be sure to pre-order the polishes you want EARLY so that I can get them shipped to you ASAP! I want to make sure all of you are able to enjoy them during the holidays!

I won’t keep you too long: Click here to visit the ILNP shop

A Fresh Evergreen

A Fresh Evergreen is a crisp, forest green colored polish packed with holographic sparkle. It took a few tricks to keep the green this deep and saturated with this amount of holo… but I pulled it off and I love it! It’s absolutely perfect for the season!

Very Ornamental

Very Ornamental is a lusciously vibrant crimson red polish loaded with holographic sparkle and a precise touch of effect pigments. The end result is a festive and sultry red that will dance on your fingertips!


This is the brand new Ultra Chrome that everyone’s been waiting for! Nostalgia is an AMAZINGLY INTENSE color shifting polish. Expect to see greens, golds, and reds (and everything in between) at every turn!

The mirror finish of this polish is astounding and it practically glows on your hands it’s so vibrant.

WARNING: This polish is SEVERELY distracting. This is no joke. You will find yourself constantly staring at your nails (drive safe people) and you WILL be interrupted a few times a day, mid-conversation, with questions about how your nails are “doing that.”

Don’t say I didn’t warn you 🙂

The swatches below are of the SAME polish (different models) taken at different angles under different lighting.

I hope you love the new collection… until next time!

You’ve all been amazingly supportive and encouraging over the last year and a half. You all have no idea how much every little comment, “like”, and even criticism has helped me push forward with ILNP. So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

I’m going to make absolutely sure 2014 is full of fantastic polishes and wonderful surprises 🙂

A huge thank you to ChrissyAi and XOXO Alexis Leigh for their last minute help with swatches! Please be sure to check out their blogs for more!

If you need anything or have any questions, feel free to contact me by replying to this email or sending an email to support@ilnp.com!

-Barbra 🙂

Just look at those gorgeous pretties. I figure you all will need to break out your wallets and run over to ILNP’s shop before it all sells out! Sometimes I wish I stayed in the States just to save on shipping costs ):



Indie polish love~

*Purchased By Me

Hey loves, been so busy that blogging has seriously taken a back seat for now! Also, there’s some personal changes which I have been thinking about and slowly taking steps to change in my life, so sorry about the small breaks in hearing from me! I’ve also neglected our polish jewellery shop but thankfully I have Bethanie to back me up!

Okay anyways~ Here’s a manicure which I wore sometime back in August! I really really love all the indie polishes..if only I had more money to purchase them heh! This features Femme Fatale Cosmetics Glinting Lodestone and Lacquer Lust Sky’s The Limit.


I think I used 2-3 thin coats of Sky’s The Limit and one lovely coat of Glinting Lodestone over Revlon Black Lingerie. It’s so pretty…:3 and I feel both polishes really go well together! ^^ No problems with any application, and I simply love the bottles. ❤

P1000403 copy

Glinting Lodestone is described as “a dark navy jelly full of teal, blue, green, purple and highlighted by flashes of orange. ” When I heard it was going to be discontinued, I immediately snapped mine up at Beauty So Fly with a couple other beauties. Have I ever mentioned that I want to “BUY ALL THE FEMME FATALE COSMETICS” ? :3

Sky’s The Limit is described as “a baby blue linear holo.” Been wanting this shade for ages, and managed to get mine from Shoppe Eclecticco during an offer!

P1000402 copy


Hopefully university will settle down soon(haha I’m kidding myself) but I’m having a really great time with all the people there! (: With luck I should be able to tend to the shop soon!


OMD Challenge- Day 15: Hearts

*Purchased By Me

Hey everyone! Hope Monday hasn’t been too much of a ” :S “<- I didn’t really know how to describe it in any other way! ^^

Today’s challenge is hearts and I can’t believe that I haven’t done any actual nail art centered around this theme! Okay, I lied, I’ve done two manis but they are in the “never to be seen again unless I feel like showing them” folder of failed nails.(シ_ _)シ

So, here’s what I came up for today’s theme instead. I’m honestly in love and I think I’ll recreate them again to wear…but as an accent nail! ^^

P.S: I also struggled to take awesome photos of this mani. I took around 20 + but ended up with 4 nice ones!


I polished my nails with Revlon Black Lingerie but I left my ring finger naked(i.e. only base coat) as I wanted to create a contrast within the mani. I also added 1-2 (I don’t recall) coats of Black Sheep Lacquer Blitz to my middle and ring fingernail for more oomph! 😀


I then manually placed heart shaped glitters on my nails. Some of these hearts are holographic so they caused my handphone to spazz haha!

I purchased the heart glitters from daiso! I think I need to go back for more…


I also dotted my nails with small silver and gold dots on the middle -> pinky as a sort of…decoration and divider between each heart. That was done using my gold and silver Uniball Signo gel pen. (:


I was quite glad that the heartshapes ended up fitting nicely onto my nail lengthwise! I really want to create my index finger as an accent nail again…(人´∀`*)

What do you guys think? (:

♥, xinyu

OMD Challenge- Day 7: Holo

*Purchased By Me…(in a way! (: )

Hey guys! Whew it’s been a really busy weekend for me…more so today, so another scheduled post! Fun fact: can you believe that I’ve never owned any holo polishes?! :O Yes! I’m not kidding…:/ So when I saw this theme I went, “oh dear, how can I recreate something for this theme?” My other options were to use China Glaze Fairy Dust or some other holographic glitter…but then this package from Born Pretty Store arrived, and inside it was a bottle of their holographic nail polish! I think I was one of those lucky 200 readers who won a free bottle…though they didn’t drop me a mail to let me know I won so this nail mail was a huge surprise!

First up, here’s the Born Pretty Holo Polish in #8. 

IMG_5035 One coat.

You can see that it is really sheer!


I think I gave up after 3-4 coats to cover the VNL and went “screw this, let me just take the photos.” ╮(╯▽╰)╭

IMG_5043 flash

I’m sorry I didn’t do any nail art for today’s theme, but I could not think of anything, and just look at that beautiful blue holo! It would be a shame to cover it all up. (; I’m eyeing other holographics now hehe~

And for some shameless self promotion of my (under construction) storenvy site, Little Rain Designs, where I’ll be selling nail polish jewellery..


I actually made this polish into the ring before even swatching it! ^^

♥, xinyu