On the prowl…

*Purchased By Me

Hey lovelies, Happy Tuesday! (:

Quick post today- this manicure was done quite sometime back but somehow I never posted it, so here’s its time to shine on the blog today. It’s a simple manicure really, done using Docile polishes, namely D217 & D218 as well as a black Uniball Signo gel pen.


I did the leopard print as an accent french tip(sort of french tip, considering I didn’t really leave it as a naked nail) using my gel pen over Docile 218, a gorgeous shimmery silver. The other nails were done using Docile 217, an almost gunmetal silver-grey polish.

All nails were around 2-3 coats if I recall correctly, and absolutely shimmered under the light. These photos were taken late at night as that was when I was doing my swatching…





Hidden beauty in a bottle- The Face Shop BK901

*Purchased By Me

Hey lovelies! A quick post before I head back to doing more school work! ): If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you may have seen me post a picture of this gorgeous base I used for my manicure(you’ll see this post on Monday ^^). Also, I’ve been working on stud earrings for the shop, Little Rain Designs, which will go up soon! (P.S: I’ll be taking pre-orders for the Halloween collection, so watch this space! Stocks will be limited!)

Okay on to the nails I have! Here’s The Face Shop BK901.


I picked this baby up when I popped into The Face Shop awhile back, and I fell in love once I picked up this bottle. I didn’t manage to capture it here but it flashes purple, blue, red, green…all at the same time. I would like to add that a search mentioned this was a holo shimmer polish, but to me it was more of…duochrome/multichrome shimmer?


I tried desperately to capture the beauty happening on my nails. Once applied, the black does take dominance over the shimmer, with only some purple glinting through if you look hard enough in the shade. Outdoors or under light, the flashes of shimmer start to play. Of course my iphone camera wasn’t playing nice…but if you look in the photos hard enough, you can see what I mean…yes? ><

I used 2 coats for application, no issue with formula here!


I honestly could stare at my nails all day!


I had this on for probably 5 days, and I could see some minor tip wear after 3 days(photos to come). Of course, black polishes tend to wear quicker; and I was also doing all the normal daily work/chores so… it held up pretty well I guess! (: There was also the tough part of leaving my entire mani on longer cause I had the urge to remove it… hehe.


I actually find that The Face Shop is starting to have more interesting polishes, which is a good thing cause they are much more affordable(SGD$5.90), and quite unique too! 😀