Face of Australia- Midnight Fireworks

*Purchased By Me

Hey dearies! My finals are officially over so I’ve been spending the time swatching in preparation to get our blog back on a regular blogging schedule! Today, I have a polish from Face of Australia’s Carnivale Collection for you guys.



Face of Australia  is one of Australia’s leading cosmetic brands, and I requested my mum to bring back three of their polishes from their recent Carnivale Collection when she was on holiday in Melbourne. This collection consists of 8 textured polishes, and today, I have a swatch and review of Midnight Fireworks. :3




Midnight Fireworks is a gorgeous golden textured polish, infused with silver glitters that sparkle at every angle. There also appears to be a beautiful shimmer running throughout the polish. Yum. Reminds me of sunlight glinting off a sandy beach.

Also, if you clicky-click this link here, I do agree that this polish fits its name well! It does give off a golden sparkler vibe.



I had no issue with formula and application, this is 2 coats, sans top coat (it is a textured polish afterall) (:

The second coat was only needed to even out some patchy areas on certain nails when applied. The texture is nice to the touch, and I think it’s good enough to hold its own with Zoya PixieDusts and OPI Liquid Sands! ^^



This shade did turn out darker on me as compared to swatch photos I’ve seen online, but I still like the look of it and think it’s a great alternative to O.P.I Honey Ryder from the Bond Girls Collection. (I don’t own the OPI version, so unfortunately I’m not able to make a comparison post) Not to mention that the price difference is almost half! 

I also tried applying top coat to my middle and ring fingers to see if there was any difference.




As you can see, there isn’t much of a difference as the original textured polish had plenty of shimmer within it. Top coat did appear to darken the colour slightly, but that was the only thing I could tell between the two.

I can’t wait to do some beach inspired nails with this polish. 😀

Do you guys own any Face of Australia polishes?