Face of Australia- Ferris Wheel

*Purchased By Me

TGIF! We’re down to the last bottle from the 3 FoA polishes I have from the Carnivale Collection ): Nonetheless, this last bottle is as stunning as the first two (:

[P.S: I found out that today is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and I actually wanted to post something related to that, but boo~ the polish isn’t swatched yet ):]

Anyways~ Today I have Face of Australia- Ferris Wheel for you guys. ^^ I initally saw this over at SoNailicious’ blog and went- I need this. I also actually wanted Bird of Paradise too, but I resisted…and maybe, just maybe, I’m regretting that decision a teeny bit.



Ferris Wheel is a gorgeous textured blue-green polish with silver hex glitters.


It’s actually possible for it to be opaque in one coat, however I did 2 coats for some nails for even coverage.

I looove the shine.



No issues with formula and application here. The polish is a little thick, but careful application of thinner coats will suffice. (:

Here is Ferris Wheel with top coat on the middle and ring fingers.


Helloooo gorgeous!

Top coat darkens it slightly and of course, provides that smooth glassy finish. I love it both ways.



I requested my mum to purchase this for me as I really wanted a blue textured polish which did not stain. Of course perhaps my wear time wasn’t as long(I only wore this for close to 15 minutes or less for swatching), but there was no apparent staining which is good, especially since I’ve heard of polishes which stained your nails after a few minutes, ugh.

Ferris Wheel, like Masquerade, fills a lovely gap for me in my stash (: No regrets for purchasing it.



Face of Australia- Masquerade

*Purchased By Me

Happy Wednesday my dears! Continuing with the 3 gorgeous polishes from Face of Australia’s Carnivale Collection, today I have a simply beautiful, glittery purple goodness known as Masquerade for you. (:

DSC_0025 copy


Masquerade is a beautiful deep purple textured polish, with small silver and purple hex glitters. I used 2 coats without any issue with formula and application.



I love how it flashes at different angles…I can never get tired of seeing it on my nails! 😀


I actually wanted Masquerade as I missed out on the opportunity to get Zoya Carter from the Fall PixieDust Collection ): This polish thus comes close to filling my gap in my stash for a purple textured polish!


The feeling of the texture is rather pleasant(of course this could be just me as I love textured polishes! ^^) and will not snag on any clothing.

The last two pictures show Masquerade with top coat on the middle and ring fingers.



Top coat does appear to darken the polish even more, although that could be my own imagination! Regardless, I love it all the same. (:

As it is near impossible for me to get my hands on Zoya Carter, Masquerade is a great alternative for me, and is beautiful in her own way. (:


OMD Challenge- Day 28: Inspired by a TV Show

*Purchased By Me

Hey everyone! A late post from me today as I’ve just came back not long ago from lunch with my cell group! (: Anyways I’m just going to jump straight into the manicure cause there’s nothing much to talk about today, other than the weather here just swinging from hot to cold! Haha!

I initially wanted to do Phineas and Ferb nails for today but somehow never found the time to sit down and paint their pet platypus on my nails! :/ So I decided to go with some Beauty and The Geek inspired nails. This show is basically a social experiment bringing people who have gone through life relying on their looks(beauties) and those relying on intellect(geeks). It’s quite cool and hilarious really, and it’s really sweet to see the transformation of both beauties and geeks, as well as forming friendships/relationships. (: Although sometimes it’s really hilarious cause the beauties are completely clueless about multiplication tables but they are the foremost in fashion!


I only have two photos for you guys today and they aren’t the best of quality..:S so sorry! But basically the heart-shaped necklace on the index nail represents the beauties, cause they doll themselves up etc, and the pinky is Einstein’s formula, and represents the geeks in general. The remaining nails are just half of a heart, as well as question marks to depict the possibility of relationships forming.

Of course, pink for the beauties hehe.



  • O.P.I Pussy Galore
  • Revlon Black Lingerie
  • fuschia/pink gel pen from Franc Franc
  • silver Uniball Signo gel pen

Check out the other manicures here and have a happy Sunday! (:


xoxo, xinyu

OMD Challenge- Day 23: Music Themed

*Purchased By Me

Hey everyone! Hope you had a great start to the week! I just want to do some self-promotion: my nail polish jewellery shop is LIVE. Please go click and support me, and even purchase some items? (;


I’ll be placing this banner at the side of my blog for easy access! You can even publicize for me if you want? Cause that would be awesome! (: Simply use the image above + link to my blog & shop ❤

Okay on to today’s theme! I did Totoro inspired nails, as I love all the Studio Ghibli songs! Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation studio and they have produced many lovely films. Do go and check them out! 😀


I did these nails late at night and hence photos are much more…orange-y?


I used a base of O.P.I Solitaire and did everything using my trusty black Uniball Signo 0.38 gel pen. The heart was done with a fuschia pen from Franc Franc.

The Japanese words read ‘Tonari no Totoro’, or ‘My Neighbour Totoro’ as the film is called! I spent a lot of time double checking that the Japanese words were done properly…I don’t want to have the mistake of writing something wrong and offending anyone! :/


Check out the other music themed nails here! ^^

xoxo, xinyu

Pool Side Party Contest☀

*Purchased By Me

Hey everyone! Yes, two posts in a row from me today cause I’ve just finished up my manicure for the Pool Side Party Contest hosted by Luchessa and Polish Alcoholic! After getting my polishes from Shoppe Eclecticco yesterday, I instantly got down to creating some lovely nail art (:

So I had the idea to do swimming pool nails, as in the reflection of the water on my nails! I was inspired by two photos seen on Google, here and here. (Wow that’s a lot of permalinks for one post!) I also had an idea in my brain to do a palm tree silhouette…so without further ado, here’s my entry (:


I used Lacquer Lust Sky’s The Limit, a beautiful baby blue linear holographic polish(although on me the polish was closer to China Glaze For Audrey, more teal). I used 3 coats as I dented my index and middle finger :/ I would like to add that VNL was still visible at 3 coats, under strong lighting.


The holographic shimmer in Sky’s The Limit really reminded me of a swimming pool glinting in the sunlight, so that’s was the reason for my choice in using this polish (: I then used a white Uniball Signo gel pen to imitate the reflections on the water for my nails.


My accent nail was done using O.P.I Jinx as a sort of ‘sunset scene’ due to the lovely orange-coral + gold glitter it has, and applied O.P.I Solitaire roughly halfway up the nail in a sort of gradient to imitate sparkling sands. I then drew a palm tree silhouette using a black 0.38 Uniball Signo gel pen.


I also did my thumb, which is very rare when I’m doing a temporary mani! (⌒▽⌒)☆

This was inspired by the photo with Frangipanis(or other known as Plumeria) floating on the water. I drew the base flower using my black and white Uniball Signo pens, and added in some fuschia colour for the middle of the flower. I then topped it off using a 3D fimo egg flower which I purchased previously from T-mart. (:


Although rather simple, this is what I would wear for a Pool Side Party/relaxing at the pool! (: It’s both calm and serene which is how relaxing by the pool(and submerged in water) makes me. ^^

P.S: you may have noticed that the watermark has changed! I’m still experimenting with different fonts at this point, and trying to get the hang on the curved watermark for nail photos, so bear with me please! 😀

♥, xinyu

OMD Challenge- Day 17: Gradient

*Purchased By Me

Hello everyone! Hope you guys have been doing fine so far. (: Today’s OMD Challenge theme is Gradient and I immediately knew what I wanted to do!

I previously purchased Zoya Miranda through Nail Deck on facebook, it’s based in Singapore and although they don’t normally carry Zoya, you can ask whether he has particular stock! It’s very tough to get Zoya here so I was quite happy I had an outlet, although there isn’t much available! Anyways! One of the reasons I purchased Miranda was to create a textured gradient. Yay for purchasing polish solely for a specific reason! 😀


I applied 2 coats of O.P.I Jinx as the base and then added Zoya Miranda directly over that at the tips, using the brush to create a sort of gradient! I was really happy that they went well together. (:


I also recreated the look in a cabochon stone which was set in a hair pin! Although of course I did give the hair pin extra shine by adding China Glaze Fairy Dust (which by the way you can buy from my shop..officially opening in end July/August!)


I did find that Zoya Miranda took much longer to dry for some reason, and it dries with a more matte feeling. I also had some problem of the polish all being a bit goopy at the tips when I did the gradient but it turned out alright in the end! ^^I think I must have had too much polish on my brush…


Textured polishes are apparently really easy and foolproof to create lovely gradients…and especially if you don’t know how to create a successful gradient using a sponge- believe me, I know how that feels- this is a good way to have a nice gradient. I also purposely made the brush strokes more uneven so that they could even seem like a bit of drips as I previously read somewhere that nicer gradients don’t need to be so perfect/even! (I don’t really know how to describe it, my apologies!)

Anyways this is my entry for today! What do you guys think? (: Also, you can check out the other lovely manis here for today’s theme.

xoxo, xinyu.

OMD Challenge- Day 9: Textured

*Purchased By Me

Happy Tuesday! A quick post today for the OMD Challenge…this is a mani I did awhile back and decided to recycle it for today’s theme, textured! Don’t get me wrong- I love textured polishes…but I really couldn’t come up with any ideas! D: So here’s my recycled manicure…





  • O.P.I Solitaire
  • black Uniball Signo 0.38 gel pen
  • purple Uniball Signo 0.28 gel pen
  • butter LONDON Trout Pout
  • The Face Shop GR501 


♥, xinyu

Zoya Miranda- swatch and review

*Purchased By Me

Hey readers! It’s…Monday..):

For me Mondays are still able to be coped with as I’m still on my holiday, but let me perk you up with some textured goodness! Today I (finally!) have my first bottle of Zoya, thanks to Nail Deck! They don’t have the actual category for Zoya there, but if you view their facebook, you may be able to get your hands on some Zoyas!

I seriously have a lack of swatches and nail art, and I haven’t painted my nails for two weeks. *huge gasp* This is particularly due to the making of polish jewellery, and as I may get some on my fingers, I just didn’t paint them! Luckily I still have Beth to help tide through this month heh. (And then all my nail art for July will be unleashed!!)

Anyways before I ramble on, here are the swatches of Zoya Miranda from their Summer PixieDust Collection. There are 6 polishes in this collection, but I restrained myself and only got Miranda…also because I wanted to do a gradient with O.P.I Jinx! (It looks AH-MAZING btw, so stay tuned for that!)



Miranda is a gorgeous cranberry-red polish, with some silver sparkle! Very classy with a fun twist on the standard red nail. ♥



This baby was two coats. Just look at that lovely sparkle! (✪㉨✪)

It did start off as a jelly-like base, but was opaque at the second coat.



Anyways, I did find that this took a really longer time to dry compared to the O.P.I Liquid Sands, or maybe it’s just impatient ol’ me! The texture of this also felt smoother to the touch than my O.P.Is. It isn’t the nitty gritty texture, but really if pixie dust was consolidated into one big bottle, that kind of sparkly, slightly smooth goodness.



I’m glad that the red base complimented the silver sparkle. Absolutely pleased with the Zoya formula! Their brush was also really easy to get a nice curve around my cuticles. (:

I am in love.

♥, xinyu

Weekend polish news- Zoya Pixie Dust Fall 2013 preview & Cult Cosmetics promo code

Hey all, it’s Sunday already!

 [source] < Anyone?


Anyways, some more polish news etc for you guys!

Sigh being on a no buy ban is tough…especially with all the sales going on in the polish world! On the other hand…you guys can take out your wallets! ^^


First up… 

Use the promo code SALE to stock up for summer with bright colors and nail art tools and designs for pool side, beach side or just a hot night out (literally) at Cult Cosmetics, till Sunday for 20% off your entire order.


Think the Pixie Dust from Zoya had stopped churning out their sparkle(please never do!)? Think again! Zoya Pixie Dust for Fall 2013 is about to arrive on the scene and capture the hearts of many women…and perhaps men?

  • Tomoko : Glowing silver
  • Chita : Emerald green
  • Sunshine : Van Gogh blue
  • Carter : Regal purple
  • Arabella : Rich fuchsia
  • Dhara : Dazzling copper

Side note: Dhara in the bottle looks like O.P.I Jinx, but of course we have to wait for swatches to compare!




I haven’t tried a single of the pixie dust polishes, but I plan to purchase some soon! For Sg peeps, naildeck.com is your saviour as Zoya is hard to find here, and they only ship within US. ): Sorry to the other international readers…I’m not so sure where you can find this brand!

*Note: none of these are affiliate links.

-xinyu (: