Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow

*Purchased By Me

Happy Thursday! Today I have another of my untrieds- well, it has been used, but for nail polish jewelry and not my nails heh- for you guys (:

This is The Face Shop Face It Colored Paper Nails in cmx322 Lovely Pop.



cmx322 Lovely Pop is basically loads of glitter suspended in a clear base, with red heart and square glitter, blue hex glitter, smaller yellow hex glitter, yellow hearts and white bar, star and hex glitter. I didn’t manage to get out any white stars for my swatch, but it can be seen in the bottle shot, hiding near the bottom!


For application, I simply suspended the bottle for a couple of minutes in order to get out the heart shapes. You have to be careful as the clear base can be slightly thick, but careful application does the trick. The white glitter did come out in abundance though, so I did some manual dabbing/shifting around on the nail, as well as wiping my brush against the side of the polish bottle.


This was 2 coats over a base of The Face Shop BK901, a gorgeous black polish with duochrome shimmer. Of course the shimmer was lost under all the glitter, but I picked it mainly for the black base and my standard black polish is almost finished. 😀


I really love this glitter polish, and I picked it up cause the primary colours reminded me of paintings done by Piet Mondrian, one of my favourite artists! A few of his works can be seen here.


I don’t think I would apply this glitter to all my nails though as it looks like there’s too much going on. Probably just for an accent nail(or two) (: Speaking of which, I have an idea for a new manicure which incorporates this polish! Stay tuned (; ~



Hidden beauty in a bottle- The Face Shop BK901

*Purchased By Me

Hey lovelies! A quick post before I head back to doing more school work! ): If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you may have seen me post a picture of this gorgeous base I used for my manicure(you’ll see this post on Monday ^^). Also, I’ve been working on stud earrings for the shop, Little Rain Designs, which will go up soon! (P.S: I’ll be taking pre-orders for the Halloween collection, so watch this space! Stocks will be limited!)

Okay on to the nails I have! Here’s The Face Shop BK901.


I picked this baby up when I popped into The Face Shop awhile back, and I fell in love once I picked up this bottle. I didn’t manage to capture it here but it flashes purple, blue, red, green…all at the same time. I would like to add that a search mentioned this was a holo shimmer polish, but to me it was more of…duochrome/multichrome shimmer?


I tried desperately to capture the beauty happening on my nails. Once applied, the black does take dominance over the shimmer, with only some purple glinting through if you look hard enough in the shade. Outdoors or under light, the flashes of shimmer start to play. Of course my iphone camera wasn’t playing nice…but if you look in the photos hard enough, you can see what I mean…yes? ><

I used 2 coats for application, no issue with formula here!


I honestly could stare at my nails all day!


I had this on for probably 5 days, and I could see some minor tip wear after 3 days(photos to come). Of course, black polishes tend to wear quicker; and I was also doing all the normal daily work/chores so… it held up pretty well I guess! (: There was also the tough part of leaving my entire mani on longer cause I had the urge to remove it… hehe.


I actually find that The Face Shop is starting to have more interesting polishes, which is a good thing cause they are much more affordable(SGD$5.90), and quite unique too! 😀


blue ombre mani

*Purchased by Me

Hey all!

I swung by the post office  today to pick up my fimo flowers which Tmart finally shipped, I’ll be doing a post on them next week, do look out for that! ^^ I still have dried flowers yet unsent, so hopefully they’ll reach soon.

Anyways, I have a post on an ombre mani which I did. Actually I was just bored and decided to use all my blue polishes, which isn’t much! Here they are in all their glory:



(From L>R: The Face Shop BL602, Couleur Inc Beid 97, China Glaze For Audrey and The Face Shop GR501.)

Beid 97 is actually much darker compared to For Audrey, but it was tough translating it into pictures!

IMG_4250 Here’s a better shot.

Beid 97 leans more teal, while For Audrey is a much darker shade as compared to the robin blue than I expected. Perhaps it could be due to my skintone?

Anyways I decided to swatch Catrice Goldbusters over this ombre mani.



Goldbusters is basically a clear based polish with gold flecks for layering. Very shimmery.

It did not merge very well with the lighter blues; I’m guessing something darker is more suitable. I’m not very happy with this swatch, so you can expect a swatch of this polish over black sometime soon!


I was also rather surprised to learn that I did not have as many blue polishes as I remembered, but happy that they were all different! (:


♥, xinyu

My vampire is tribal.◀◁◀◁

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the late post today, I headed out to collect my portfolio and documents from DesignSingapore Council(didn’t get the scholarship ): ) and then swung by Plaza Singapura for some shopping! I didn’t buy much in the end, only two boxes and some nail related glitters from Daiso, and I couldn’t even find the chain I needed! It’s seriously going to hinder the opening of my shop… so if any of you dear readers know where I can buy this ball chain for keychains… please let me know! 



That aside, I have some nail art for you guys today! Featuring O.P.I My Vampire Is Buff which I showed you swatches yesterday.

Some of the tribal design is copied from Eva from Coewless Nail Polish.

IMG_4142 In the beginning stages…

I used a black Uniball Signo 0.38 gel pen to draw in the black lines, as I’ve always wanted to test out gel pens on a smooth surface compared to my textured ones! It was practically effortless, drawing over the base colour.



I then dotted in the colours using butter LONDON Trout Pout(the bright coral) and The Face Shop Gr501(light blue).

I also tried adding in a bit of my Daiso polish, Winmax Nail Sparks 89, a sheer, beige looking polish with glitter.



I then went over once more with my gel pen for the black areas which had been covered up.

In hindsight, I should have gone colour first, then black pen. Ah wells. Live and learn! I’m kind of on the fence for this mani, I think the Daiso polish caused things to look lumpy.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a brown polish or I would have used it like the original mani! Oh well~


What do you think of this mani?


Also, check out The Super Cool Grandopening of Leesha’s Lacquer Nail Art Giveaway! Open internationally, with awesome prizes for the winner. Runs for 1 month. Click on the link to follow through for more details.


– love, xinyu (:

cause everyone feels like showing a little naked nail now and then- Fruit Alert

Hey everyone! It’s Monday…hope your week has got on to a good start!

Today I probably have by far the cutest nails I’ve ever done to date to show you all. This also ties in with the May Nail Art Challenge by @californails on IG. (Finally I have something for nail art challenges.)


Today’s theme is Strawberries and this is what I came up with:


Done using O.P.I Jinx and a Uniball Signo pen.

I feel really proud of these nails as I came up with these entirely by myself. It’s tough to create something original in the nail world, but then again I may be speaking too soon as somebody else may have created these. Nonetheless, this mani is 100% original! 😀


I titled the post as such as it is as my VNL is definitely apparent in photos. To achieve these nails, I applied one coat of The Face Shop Base Coat and when that was dry, I dotted O.P.I Jinx into random areas in strawberry-like shapes. I then used a green Uniball Signo 0.38 pen to create the leaves.

When everything had dried, I used a black Uniball Signo 0.38 pen to create black dots/dashes as the strawberry seeds.


I think the end result is sort of a Japanese kawaii-style strawberry nails.

I’m really happy I decided to use Jinx instead of Illamasqua Untold, as the former is much more opaque and the lovely golden glitters add a beautiful sheen to the strawberries. Makes them really delicious looking! :3


Jinx also gave the strawberries a nice textured effect as it is after all, a liquid sand polish! I could just stare at these nails all day…

Unfortunately I took them off after I took photos as I was actually doing swatches + nail art for the blog! No worries though- I will definitely redo these nails, and perhaps try them using butter LONDON Nail Foundation. I’m currently waiting for Sephora to restock them before I purchase it.


However, I do think the strawberries look nice against some naked nails! Hehee. ^^

Of course, nails must be in a pretty good condition in order to have this effect.

On a side note, I’ve started using an old disc as my nail polish palette! Saves clean up and it’s really convenient.

♥, xinyu

Green polish…on my nails?!

*Purchased by Me

Hey everyone!

Apologies for the late post today, after church my bible study was cancelled, so I went out with my parents to purchase felt and cotton stuffing for the crafts I’ll be making for the online shop!

Anyways, I’ve been dying to post this mani I did but I had to wait till today to tie in with #SgSwatchFest! This is the first time I can finally participate, and I wanted to do a good one. The theme was Emerald– the Pantone colour of the year + May birthstone. I had some issues at first as I’m not a very green polish kind of girl(I’m more for mints, if that makes sense…), but then it hit me: I did not necessary need to have an emerald polish for this! Silly me.

On to the mani!



I used The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Nails GR504 (what a mouthful) on my nails, which I did a swatch of previously here.

I used 2 coats to have no VNL. The trick for Face Shop polishes is really a medium-thick layer to avoid streakiness!

IMG_4072 And then the bling started.

I had this idea to do the #SgSwatchFest theme centered around the gemstone itself. I finally broke out some bling and added them to my nail!

*Please note: the colours of the gemstones are actually more green/emerald in real life. My camera kept reflecting a more turquoise colour!


I used 2mm square gemstones which were left over from my previous purchase of gemstones at Daiso. I needed them for my art project and used only the bigger ones!

I just applied a drop of top coat to my nail (I used Seche Vite) and then used tweezers to get the gemstones in place. This was actually the tough part, as my tweezers weren’t really helpful in picking up the gems, but I succeeded in the end!


You do not need to worry about quickly placing the gems…if the top coat dries, simply add another drop! I did these at my own pace.

I was also happy that I was able to nicely fit 4 of the gems onto my ring finger. My nails were recently trimmed so I was pleased to discover that my entire nail measured 8mm in length. Haha! 😀

I did not add another top coat to seal in the entire mani as this was only temporary, so unfortunately no wear time test. I really love GR504 blinged up- I think I’ll have to always wear it this way! Also, after this successful mani, I had the urge to



Yup. However, I resisted. I’ll probably do more blinging next time when I’m more sure of how to reuse the gemstones, as when I removed them, the cotton wool from the cotton squares were kind of stuck onto them, and I didn’t really know how to get it off. Any experienced person in 3D nail art can give me advice on removal of gemstones?

As I love this mani so much, I leave you with one last photo.





I’ve never been a very green polish girl, but this mani makes me happy. It’s impractical, but I think it’s really good for those one-off occasions!


♥, xinyu

The Untrieds: The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Nails GR504

*Purchased by Me

Hey everyone! To kick off the start of a new week, I have something different for you guys today. It’s one from The Untrieds and also on a swatch stick… as my brain does not like this colour at all swatched on my nails! So there’s a kind of block in painting this colour on.. Anyways, here’s The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Nails GR504.


As with most of The Face Shop polishes, the numbers are only what identifies the polishes. It is 3-Free.

Here’s some background information on how I got this polish..

I’m not a very ‘green’ polish kind of girl as I’m more for the mint colours. This polish was originally purchased by me for my guy friend(yup, guy friend.) As he went into army, he passed it back to me as turns out he didn’t like the colour as he felt it was very Dexter. [He was the one who chose the colours anyways…]

The bottom line is, I got this back for free.

Here’s a macro shot of the polish.


GR504 dries with a glossy shine.

Honestly, on my swatch wheel, the green polish turned out rather nice. It is a really vivid colour though.


I used 1 and a half coats for this swatch for the polish to even out. No formula issues here.

I have realised that with The Face Shop polishes, using a medium-thick coat for each layer helps. It’s the same case for GR504 here.


As I type this post, I’m starting to hold less of a prejudice against it. It does have a lime colour, and doesn’t look that bad on my skin. Who knew?

I’m guessing that I’ll use this for Earth Day themed manis or as a base for layering other polishes, along with my original idea of using it for nail art-mainly the leaves of flowers. It’ll be a better fate compared to sitting in the sad depths of my polish box! ^^



tribal accent nails with O.P.I Solitaire

Hey everyone!

So continuing from the swatch I did of OPI Solitaire seen here,(and if you want swatches of Jinx and Pussy Galore it is here and here, respectively..) I have some nail art done with it for you guys.

I couldn’t just leave Solitaire alone..I had to jazz the mani up.



Here are them in their textured glory, straight after I had done them.

As usual, click on the photos to see a better close up. (:

I used a Uniball Figno 0.38 pen, after seeing Alice of One Nail To Rule Them All‘s post about using gel pens to do a mani. It is quite an old post, but I only started trying it out yesterday! This was also my first time doing tribal nails.



All the black lines were done using my gel pen, and the purple was also done using a gel pen, same brand.

This method is really quick, and so much easier compared to using my nail art pen from Etude House! You do have to go over the lines a bit as Solitaire is textured, hence it is not a ‘one smooth drawing’ kind of thing.



Silly me forgot I had a dotting tool.. so I whipped it out and used it to dot in butter LONDON Trout Pout and The Face Shop GR501.

The colours really spiced up the tribal accents!

Even though Solitaire only peeked out at certain areas on the accents, you could still see the lovely glints of silver glitter. Love. ❤



I even managed to draw in the lines steadily for my right hand..but for fear of messing it up I just asked my mum to help me with my dominant hand, hehe! She was surprised that I could use a pen for such things… I guess she learns something new each day! ^^

I then top coated everything with thick layers of Seche Vite.

IMG_3988 You can see some of the shine of the accent here.

I used three layers of SV as textured polishes tend to suck away top coat.

I waited in between layers to ensure that everything was properly covered as, well, I guess the ink could be washed off easily. However, it did not smudge when top coated. So much better than those nail art pens.

There was an interesting contrast between the top coated nail and the textured ones. I kept touching my nails cause both ways felt so nice haha! 😀

I think I’m going to try using gel pens on normal nail polishes next time. Think of all the possibilities! When you’re bored in lecture, you can just start drawing on your nails. Best of all, the lecturers won’t suspect a thing, and you’ll walk out with cool nails. Hehee.


What do you think of using gel pens for nails?

❤, xinyu



Hello & Goodbye

* purchased by me

Hi everyone 🙂

I am finally back with a second post! I am currently on internship so I dont have that much time to post as often as Xin Yu so please bear with me! I will be done in 3 weeks but after that i will be away for a week or so, so no promises but i will try to post as much as possible before leaving!

Sooo back to nails, last week my dad had a trip to LA and i asked him to get some polishes for me (obviously!) I was thinking of getting some China Glaze ones but then i changed my mind and got all OPI instead 😛

Now I have 6 new polishes (oops my mum took one of them so there is only 5 in the pic!) to add to my collection!!!!


I will be doing reviews on them so stay tuned!

While I was waiting for my new polishes, I decided to try a new polish which was actually a Christmas gift! It was from The Faceshop. Even though I have heard that it isnt a good polish, I gave it a go as I kinda liked the color and also cause I knew that i would be wearing it for a couple of days only (Hehe!)

Unfortunately, I cant seem to find the name of either polish so I’ll just show you guys a pic!


After the base coat, I added two coats of the purple polish and I have to say i was a bit impressed. The polish covered my nail smoothly and the color turned out great! Although i added a second coat as I wanted a darker shade, I would say one coat was sufficient. To finish of, i used my OPI top coat.

Image      Image

I also wanted to try the glitter polish so for both my thumb and ring finger, I added a coat of glitter before finishing off with the top coat and this is how it looked like!


I didnt like the glitter polish at all! Firstly, one coat is insufficient to get glitter all over the nail. I needed 2 or 3 coats for the pic above! Secondly, it was not as easy to apply. It did not apply smoothly at all due to the glitter and the worse part of it all was the removal!

Today i decided to remove the polish and I had such a hard time getting it off! This is seriously the first time I had to use that much remover on one nail and furthermore, alot of the glitter didnt come off even after trying for a few minutes. I had to move on to the other nails first then come back to the ones with the glitter. So in overall, it was a horrid experience!

I guess I should have expected it due to the previous comments I heard but I was a bit taken aback due to the purple polish (i think?) Anyways, my OPI is here,so goodbye to these two!

Leave a comment if you faced such an experience before!

Til next time,


Black Sheep Lacquer swatch and review-Blitz (*Picture Heavy Post)

Hey all!

So some time back in March I won a nail polish giveaway hosted by Erin of Black Sheep Lacquer. It was my first time actually winning something so I was obviously psyched! I received the three polishes(1 full sized, 2 minis) early April but just got around to actually swatching them this morning(just one hour ago)! Let’s get to it, shall we?

About Black Sheep Lacquer: 

Black Sheep Lacquer is hand made one of a kind, kickass nail polish. All Black Sheep Lacquer nail polish is cruelty and formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (big 3) free.

Be the Black Sheep! At Black Sheep Lacquer you will find original, one of a kind nail polishes. You won’t find these nail polish colours on anyone else.

Erin had to repackage them into a smaller envelope, but the polishes were nicely bubble wrapped and came in a lovely bag(I have no idea what to call the bags, my vocab is failing me at this time!)


blacksheeplacquercollage Bottle shots and some macros(using my iphone)!

I was planning to do a combined post, but realized that there’ll be too many photos! So..


First up is Blitz. I kind of went crazy taking photos of this polish..I was trying to capture it at all angles to get that glitter goodness.

Blitz is described as a clear suspension based packed with blue and gold flakie glitter. To me, it was more of holographic goodness as there were a multitude of colours, very similar to CG Fairy Dust(mini comparison here) in that aspect!

IMG_3732edit layered over (L>R) Couleur Inc Jet Black 64Sasatinnie(unknown purple), Essence Nude Glam 01 Hazelnut Cream PieThe Face Shop GR501.

Application was extremely easy, and the brush and bottle shape is comparable to Seche Vite top coat bottle. I was able to get out a decent amount of flakies on each nail. No issues here!


This is me trying to capture the flakies at an angle. You can see the shimmer on all colours.

One thing I like about Blitz is that it is so versatile. You can use it to spice up a french mani, a more neutral shade(Essence nude glam), or layer it over various colours. Of course black brings it out so much more..and in hindsight I should have swatched it over a darker blue to see the difference!


No top coat was used for any of these photos. Look at that shine. I can keep on staring at my nails the whole day.


Here’s an attempt to capture how Blitz is on the other colours. You can see the intermingling of the various sized flakes, all cooperating with each other.

Also, from the photos you can see how the underwear polishes were giving me trouble today. Essence’s brush was so huge it flooded my cuticles, Sasatinnie was being uncooperative and Couleur inc having PMS. SIGH. I did my best.. ):

Anyways, on Sasatinnie Blitz revealed her blurple side more, while on Essence she was rather shy, flashing occasionally under the light the gold flakes. She was bolder on black though, it’s definitely her soulmate!

IMG_3733edit One coat of Blitz

To create a denser look, you can apply again till satisfied. Do apply thin coats though and be patient!

Removal of Blitz was extremely easy too, despite the flakes. I just did my standard removal of soaking it in polish remover for a few seconds, before wiping off completely.

I honestly think Blitz would look really awesome matte..however I don’t have matte top coat as of now! Will update in future when I purchase one!

Blitz is currently one of my favourite polishes. Who could resist such a beauty? I also agree with Erin: the swatch does it no justice!!

You can check out Black Sheep Lacquer’s etsy shop(link provided above), and with any two full sized polishes, you get a free mini of your choice! Isn’t that awesome? (:


Can anyone recommend me a good black polish? 


*Products were won by me and review is my honest opinion. I was not paid by Black Sheep Lacquer to do this review.