On hiatus

Hey lovelies, you all finally hear from me!

It’s after much discussion with Bethanie that we decided to post an official note that we are going on an extended hiatus- which you may have guessed due to the lack of updates! ><

University and polytechnic life has been taking a toll on us so we really are unable to find the time to get up a blog post, much less paint our nails…and school really takes first priority, so I hope all of you will understand! D:

However, we will definitely pop back in during our school breaks to blog! Hopefully around May the posts will start coming in, so please stay tuned! ❤

(If you guys are interested in my personal life and what I’ve been doing in school + other non nail related things, you can follow me via my Instagram @__xinyu. Do drop me a message beforehand if you are doing so though!)

Till the next nail painting post,